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Forums > Food & Drink > Whither Lazy Bones?

I just called Lazy Bones twice to order food and got no answer- even after eight or nine rings. I was under the impression given the last announcement on this site that they would be re-opening on the 26th of February. Has this been delayed?

If someone could inform me of Lazy Bones' status I'd appreciate it, as I'm sure other customers would be.

Forums > Food & Drink > Bran Muffins?

The Wicker Basket often has them on sale in their baked goods section. They're pretty decent, I think.

Forums > Food & Drink > Happy Hour in Kunming

Hey hoolioj,

Most of the bars/cafes along Wenhua Xiang and Wenlin Jie have regular happy hour specials. Salvadors seems to be the most popular, as it's daily between 4 and 8. Double gin and tonics are 16, and when I say double I mean double. They have a bunch of other drinks, and I'm sure one of Sal's regulars or owners can give you more detailed information than I can.

The Box and French Cafe have similar deals, though at the Box you get the added bonus of free appetizers on Thursdays should you order one of their happy hour drinks.

If you live up in the north, Sandra's in Beichen is a good place to go for stiff drinks and excellent food.

Anyway I'd take a cab down to Wenlin Jie/Wenhua Xiang if I were you and have a look- this is not a town that makes it difficult for its residents and guests to drink a lot!

Forums > Living in Kunming > Let's Remember Where We Are

I'm sure the Kunming gossip-mill will fill you in about the details of the fight if you're so eager to hear them. I was hoping to avoid bitchy name-dropping in this space, that's all. Plus it's entirely irrelevant to the point of my post.

Something tells me the very people who can't see the difference between foreigners and Chinese fighting in China are the same ones who would complain loudly about foreigners fighting in their own country.


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I suppose I should have phrased my comment differently- what I meant was that while the Kunming shift change policy is annoying and probably somewhat less than ideal, it isn't completely illogical. When I was in Shanghai last month I asked a driver about the change and she told me they go one day on, one day off; so there's no real crunch time in the middle of a day.


Kunming's taxis are not even close to being the dirtiest in China, much less the world. Smaller cities across the country use vehicles that look like they've survived mortar attacks. Even in Chongqing, the cabs are so badly outfitted that ordinary speed bumps provide an uncomfortable experience for the passenger.

Actually, the taxi shift change, while annoying, makes sense because the period around 5pm-8pm is the busiest of the day. As a result, all taxi drivers want a piece of this time frame, explaining the need for the shift change.

Just as a point of clarification- the Prague Cafe in the north is now closed and will be until the 21st. Samoana, Wicker Basket, and Silver Spoon in Beichen will also remain closed through the holiday.


Not at all. My point is merely that with increased competition Yunnan may see a relative drop in demand for some of its agricultural products as imports from Southeast Asian countries rise. This is likely to lead to decreased revenue for Yunnan farmers, who still comprise a significant bulk of the provincial population.

My larger point is that free trade agreements as such create winners and losers and aren't uniformly positive developments.


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