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GoKunming has not removed any posts by Rumor other than duplicates.

The post commencing "Hi, dear friend:" of August 19 appeared three times on the same thread. We removed two copies from that thread. It also appeared on another thread.

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Here's the GoKunming write-up of the Yunnan census figures:[...]

(I'm not awake enough to run the figures right now, but I seem to remember that the percentage of the foreigners in China that are based in Yunnan is significantly higher than the percentage of Chinese nationals based in Yunnan.)

I've not seen any figures published regarding the expat population of Kunming. Yuanyangren's estimation method seems like a sensible approach.


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thanks for that - we're not big 球迷 here, and just went on the info we received

I'm sure Salvador's appreciates all the words of support they've received here.

As discussion has strayed into less palatable territory, GoKunming has now suspended commenting on this post.

@tanfei: The 14:47 report is what we used to write the update. However, the content of that page has been added to since then, adding the eyewitness reports etc.

I should add that Salvador's is not owned (or co-owned) by Italians, as that story reports.


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