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Forums > Living in Kunming > Floating Ads in China Telecom

Kloned, we moved the thread.

Here at GoKunming Towers, we've noticed similar. We're seeing what appear to be ads for the internet access package that we subscribe to, which strikes me as pretty odd ad-targeting. I've also experienced similar ad-injection from other providers in Kunming. It's not too mafan right now, but Kloned's question is valid: where is this going?

Forums > Living in Kunming > Kunming Moving company or local storage?

Rail freight is likely your best bet. when i moved from Shanghai to Kunming, i wrote a story about it for GoKunming:[...]

I know people who've sent stuff out of Kunming by rail and i've heard no complaints. You'll have to track down the CRE office in Kunming. Something tells me it'll be near the train station :P

Alternatively, the Kunming moving company Ant (mayi ban jia 蚂蚁搬家) seem to be highly respected - might be worth contacting them.


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we're just been informed of a complete/updated schedule:


15:30—16:20 音乐节开场乐手即兴时段 (w/ Seraina & friends)
16:30—17:10 人民节奏鼓队(大理)

17:20—19:00 DJ DD

19:10—19:40 原子XX

19:50—20:20 MF(曲靖)

20:30—21:00 滴哩嘟

21:10—21:40 猫哆哩

21:50—22:20 無期徒刑

22:30—23:00 Yankadi(鼓队)
23:10—23:40 断弦


15:30—16:30 午休时间

16:40—18:20 DJ溯溯

18:30—19:00 胎音

19:10—19:40 XX乐队(思茅)

19:50—20:20 黄色条码

20:30—21:00 逆境重生(曲靖)

21:10—21:40 Jack&Ed

21:50—22:20 麻园诗人

22:30—23:00 迷拾

23:10—23:40 扣弦


15:30—16:30 音乐节闭幕乐手即兴时段

16:30—18:20 DJ 洋二

18:30—19:00 坊乐队

19:10—19:40 锄头挖念坤

19:50—20:20 南方重镇

20:30—21:00 类人猿 The Great Apes
21:10—21:40 李四伟与乐队

21:50—22:20 爱海的哺乳动物

22:30—23:00 墨风

23:10—23:40 司岗里

Regarding giving better notice of local events: we'd love to.

However, we are a team of limited resources and more comprehensive events listings would require event organisers to reach out to provide us with information of their plans.

Regarding national football specifically, we heard recently that a plan was afoot to rebuild and relaunch the China Football Association website, in part to provide a convenient and comprehensive place to access fixture information. Some months have passed, and we've yet to find the new site.

The old site lists the fixture dates in a news post here (Chinese only.) Unfortunately, there's no mention of match venues.

If you are organising, or know of, events that you'd like to see listed in the GoKunming calendar, please let us know via our contact form. We typically need the following info: location; short description of the event; date; time; entry fee (if any).

Thanks for the input, Philippe.

The old search box (which was a listings-only search) can now be found on the listings page for a given city (default is Kunming). A site-wide search has been suggested for the mobile version before, and sounds like a good idea. I'll get it built.

As for events, yes, homepage/top seems sensible, like on the old mobile site. I'm concerned about the growing length of the mobile homepage - perhaps I'll drop the 'Archive' section when I reinstate 'Events'.

Further input/criticism/suggestions are always welcome.


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