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Thanks Piers - good idea.

We're getting together a page where readers can submit new places directly into our listings system, but it might be next week before that appears. In the meantime, either jot suggestions here as Piers suggests, or ping us a message through the GoKunming contact form, which is located at

"great minds"? i'm honoured :)


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Editorial note: The story that Neverwinter refers to has been updated since GoKunming ran the update.

If a gas cylinder, or cylinders were being delivered to Salvador's at the time of the explosion, i'm sure the staff will be able to confirm this.

Posts are dated in the header, with 'Today' and 'Yesterday' being used where appropriate. these change to a date of the format 'Saturday, 19th April 2008'.

GoKunming's timezone is Beijing time (GMT+8).

Interesting point about outdoor car-parking - i've been arguing the case lately for more multi-storey parking, as Kunming's streets seem to be filling up. It's good to have light shed on the problem from another angle.


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