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Forums > Travel Yunnan > Are turnaround visa runs possible at the China-Vietnam border in Hekou?

Given the mix of info about Vietnam and Laos in this thread, just in case anyone's confused:

Mohan-Boten is the border crossing from Yunnan into Laos
Hekou-Lao Cai is the border crossing from Yunnan into Vietnam

Vietnam also has a border crossing with China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region (bus and train options exist out of Nanning)

Forums > Living in Kunming > copying Gokunming??

There's no cooperation between the sites.

Why would people copy classifieds? To look like they have an established audience. To hit search engine terms of relevance without having to think them up themselves.

Yes, tacky. Note that they're only (usefully) able to do it with ads that have contact info in, as they're not able to copy the 'Respond' loop which sends responses to GoKunming user email addresses, which remain hidden. We advise against putting contact details in ads to defend against spam bots, but people do it anyway.

Also, on GoKunming, when you've sold your bike, you can go in and pull the ad down. But the calls will keep coming from copycat sites... that's if they actually do have any audience.


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thanks for that - we're not big 球迷 here, and just went on the info we received

I'm sure Salvador's appreciates all the words of support they've received here.

As discussion has strayed into less palatable territory, GoKunming has now suspended commenting on this post.

@tanfei: The 14:47 report is what we used to write the update. However, the content of that page has been added to since then, adding the eyewitness reports etc.

I should add that Salvador's is not owned (or co-owned) by Italians, as that story reports.


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