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The problem here could be that the OP who is asking for the visa is Nigerian. People from poorer countries have greater difficulties getting a Chinese visa, particularly if they apply outside of their home countries. If the OP were say American or Australian and applying in Italy, it would probably be a piece of cake.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Crossing into Myanamar from Ruili

@tigertiger, I'd rather read an official news report than someone's various theories, historical anecdotes or stories about the dangers of the region. All the various news outlets that have reported on the border openings that have occurred previously, went ahead as planned and were thus correct. Unless someone here is a Myanmar immigration officer, I'll believe news sources and so will every other normal person. The news media is thus not "unreliable" as claimed. The only way of knowing for sure is to wait for confirmation from a reliable news source.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Vietnamese visa at Hekou

Or better yet a Vietnamese speaker as their Vietnamese is better than their Chinese.

However, unless you are a national of a visa exempt country (such as Norway, Russia etc.) it's unlikely a visa-on-arrival has ever been possible at Lao Cai or any other Vietnamese border checkpoint (apart from pre-approved visas on arrival for air arrivals at international airports only). There it's not "still" possible, it has never been possible - get your visa in advance.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Crossing into Myanamar from Ruili

as mentioned the only reliable sources are official news sources not some random posters on gokunming. The Thai border crossings also took about 5 months to open from their originally announced dates. I suspect the same with ruili muse. Nth Laos is irrelevant to this discussion maybe already happened but very few westerners go that way. Lets keep on topic.


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Thanks Dazzer, but irrespective of who you are, if you commit a crime you need to be held accountable. This guy could have said he is the most powerful person in China, that doesn't make it so, it's all hearsay. Most people wouldn't recognize him for anything other than his behavior. Of course, in this instance he was arrested, but I think it was disturbing that it took longer than the length of this video for that to happen - bystanders just watched him destroy thousands of dollars worth of property. Half the damage could have been avoided if he was pinned down more quickly. The thing is, people like this guy represent security threats. Of course, it's better this happened on the ground than in the air, because I can assure you that nobody would have let this guy have a tantrum up in the air - he would have been pinned down quite quickly.

What I don't understand is why this guy wasn't immediately pinned down by officers at the first moment he smashed a computer. Instead, everyone including the police just watched, behind the safety of a line. I can guarantee you in virtually every other country on Earth, the second someone destroys even the smallest airport property, half a dozen police or security officers will come and make an arrest. I didn't see any evidence of an arrest even at the end of the video, more than 2 minutes after Yan smashed the first computer.

I used to be told that if you do even the smallest bad thing in China such as stealing a loaf of bread, you'll be immediately arrested and locked up almost indefinitely. It seems that those people who told me those things were quite wrong - it seems like you can do almost anything before you actually get arrested.


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