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Forums > Travel Yunnan > malipao/vietnam border crossing open but..........

OK so that website does seem to confirm foreigners can cross. Finally something. In general, it should be in English because sometimes Chinese websites claim a border is open but fail to mention it's only for Chinese and citizens of the neighboring country. This link is an exception to that.

Chinese cars can't enter Vietnam, no wonder you were forced to drive to Hekou via Chinese territory. This means you would have had to park your car at the border and enter Vietnam on foot.

Please also state your nationality. By the sounds of it you are probably from one of the 4 Scandinavian countries that can enter Vietnam visa-free for 15 days.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > malipao/vietnam border crossing open but..........

@Napoleon, then what's the point of this thread? Why don't you hop on a bus and go there yourself? I don't have time to waste on these kinds of things, nor do most other people. Anyway, I can answer this question now. The Malipo border is not open unless someone can post something to prove otherwise.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > malipao/vietnam border crossing open but..........

I probably got the UK and US mixed up regarding the Vietnam visa exemption. I've checked and indeed the US isn't included, though the UK is. Anyway, that wasn't the point of this thread. Question is still, is Malipo useable for crossing into Vietnam/China by foreigners?

Forums > Living in Kunming > Chinese driver's licence renewal

Could you kindly let me know whether you've started the renewal process and your circumstances.

1) visa type. Do they care what visa you are on?
2) do you have to do any more tests?
3) costs?
4) how far in advance of expiry can you extend? 3 months? 6 months?
5) how long after the expiration of the licence can you extend? 3 months? 6 months?
6) is the new licence a plastic card, or a laminated piece of paper as previously?


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Thanks Dazzer, but irrespective of who you are, if you commit a crime you need to be held accountable. This guy could have said he is the most powerful person in China, that doesn't make it so, it's all hearsay. Most people wouldn't recognize him for anything other than his behavior. Of course, in this instance he was arrested, but I think it was disturbing that it took longer than the length of this video for that to happen - bystanders just watched him destroy thousands of dollars worth of property. Half the damage could have been avoided if he was pinned down more quickly. The thing is, people like this guy represent security threats. Of course, it's better this happened on the ground than in the air, because I can assure you that nobody would have let this guy have a tantrum up in the air - he would have been pinned down quite quickly.

What I don't understand is why this guy wasn't immediately pinned down by officers at the first moment he smashed a computer. Instead, everyone including the police just watched, behind the safety of a line. I can guarantee you in virtually every other country on Earth, the second someone destroys even the smallest airport property, half a dozen police or security officers will come and make an arrest. I didn't see any evidence of an arrest even at the end of the video, more than 2 minutes after Yan smashed the first computer.

I used to be told that if you do even the smallest bad thing in China such as stealing a loaf of bread, you'll be immediately arrested and locked up almost indefinitely. It seems that those people who told me those things were quite wrong - it seems like you can do almost anything before you actually get arrested.


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