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Are there any dim sum or dumpling restaurants you would recommend in Kunming? I've checked the food listing but only 1 place comes up and there are no reviews. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

(please also list a nearby bus stop or an address)


No results found.




One of the better pizza places in Kunming, but be warned that the pizzas are on the small side for what you pay. The normal crust is comparable to Pizza Hut (USA)'s hand-tossed crust.

Still, cozy atmosphere and the garlic toast were welcome surprises.


Wonderful! I really love it here. I came here with some friends a few nights ago and we had a great time. The Mexican food is really good, the closest I've had to an authentic American taste in a long time, even at some of the other Western places. Plus, the atmosphere is nice. True, I wish they had wifi, but you just can't beat their food. It's the best in the city.