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Perhaps some of you more seasoned China vets can help me out. My husband and I are going to Guangzhou in January (we have some business with the US Consulate) and we have to stay for 16 days. We don't know anyone there, so we'll have to stay in a hotel. Does anyone know a decent, cheap place we could look into? Are there such things as "long-term" style hotels that have a discounted rate, similar to extended stay hotels in the US?

Also, if anyone has recommendations for food to try or places to get good deals on electronics (we've heard Guangzhou is great for that) I'd appreciate it, too.


Forums > Living in Kunming > Average Monthly Salary in Kunming?

My husband and I teach English at a local university. We teach 8 classes a week and make a total of 6,000 RMB between us (3,000 each). We've found it's more than enough to live on for us. We eat Chinese food or slum it at home during the week and splurge on eating out during weekends. We take buses as much as possible. DVDs are really our only luxury item, with the occasional English book, too. Even with that, we're still able to save HALF our income each month and we think we live fairly nicely here—much nicer than we did in America!!

Forums > Living in Kunming > Fedex vs. China Post for US Mail

I want to send some things back to the US for Christmas. How would you rate the international service options for Fedex vs. China Post? Does one of them have a better price, tracking options, etc.?

Also, since I've never mailed anything from China before, I have a few questions. Do I need to bring my own box or can I buy one there? What I'm sending is mostly souvenir stuff, but is there anything that's not ok to send (beyond the common sense things like weapons, flammables, etc.)? Do I need to bring my passport? Are the forms in English/Chinese or should I bring a Chinese friend to help?

Thanks for your help!


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One of the better pizza places in Kunming, but be warned that the pizzas are on the small side for what you pay. The normal crust is comparable to Pizza Hut (USA)'s hand-tossed crust.

Still, cozy atmosphere and the garlic toast were welcome surprises.


Wonderful! I really love it here. I came here with some friends a few nights ago and we had a great time. The Mexican food is really good, the closest I've had to an authentic American taste in a long time, even at some of the other Western places. Plus, the atmosphere is nice. True, I wish they had wifi, but you just can't beat their food. It's the best in the city.