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Forums > Living in Kunming > looking for unusual bits and pieces

There is a tattoo/piercing shop right near Jinma Fang 金马坊 (across Jinbi Lu from The Hump). Look for the Suning electric appliance store (up some stairs). It's on the floor above Suning, near a place that sells fruit smoothies.

There is also a tattoo shop in Kundu, can't remember quite where. It's a storefront on the ground floor of the Kundu "ring." It should be easy to spot. Just walk around the ring and look for guys with stretched ears and such. I know for sure they do tattoos but not 100% sure they do piercings. But just go in and ask and I'm sure they can point you to the right place - one of the guys has a split tongue and all sorts of metal hanging off his face.

Hope that helps.

P.S. - Don't look in his photo album if he offers you a look. There are some places that metal shouldn't be, IMHO.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Walmart no more

there's a new walmart outside the 2nd ring road, SW from the city center. i went there the other day and was amazed. the place is great, it reminded me of being in the US. very few people, very well laid-out, with signs in chinese and english directing you where to go to find what you want. the aisles are so wide and spacious that i considered running down them with my arms spread out like a bird.

something is wrong when walmart amazes you.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Possibility of H1N1 (SWINE / PIG) FLU in Kunming...

no link to the news article? i've searched on the net and couldn't find anything similar... but i was wondering if the entire plane had immediately transferred to HK or if some passengers got off inside the mainland. although the difference is only slight: it would be just as easy for all the passengers who DID move on to HK to transmit it into the mainland.

not fear-mongering, (not yet at least); i'm just bored and interested in pandemics.


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Yes, I agree with you completely.

Rush hour is the best time for the shift change, because that's when demand for taxis is high.

I won't say any more that danmairen, I feel the same way. Arun was so full of life, I can't believe he's gone. I will miss him very much.

Please keep us updated on any arrangements or events that we can participate in to say our goodbyes and remember the good times we had with Arun.

Condolences to all his friends and family

Hey guys, some of the comments from people's mothers woke me up a bit. no matter the cause or outcome, i want to do my part to wish the best to everyone who was involved.

really, best to all if you, hope you can talk to your family in these days... wish you the very best.


and add the fact that:

"We have spoken with Salvador's co-owner Colin Flahive several times since the explosion and he has confirmed that the explosion was set off by a man who had entered the restaurant with an explosive device."


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