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Forums > Living in Kunming > piercing studio??

I know theres been one or two threads on this topic before, but since they are older and nobody really responded im going to start a new one.
i think about getting a piercing in kunming, but dont really wanna take the risk to end up with hiv or any other diseases.
So does anybody know a piercing studio with wetsern standards in klunming?
ive seen one tatoo-piercing shop in kundu, close to uprock, but i dont know whether this is good or not....

Forums > Living in Kunming > I CAN'T FIND......WHAT ?

hey, ok, Luosiwan sounds really great, maybe I should go and have a look, is it far away? and can you tell me which bus to take from the wenlinjie/ shifan daxue area??
have been to metro once, they have an incredible selection of (cheap!) western liquor, but i was kind of disappointed of the bread, but maybe i just went there the wrong time or so...

Forums > Living in Kunming > I CAN'T FIND......WHAT ?

-balsamico vinegar
-female clothes (1,80m) without going to a tailor
-dark bread

apart from that im surprisingly fine. love pauls, even though its of course more expensive than back home. also found non-sweet bread and kind of good joghurt. ah yeah, and most of the time im satisfied by great chinese food anyway.


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still there are holidays coming up from time to time.
went to emeishan one day after national holidays-because we didnt have enough time to do the whole hike up (or were we just to lazy?;-)), we took a bus to almost till the cablecar, checked in a hotel and went to the peak to see the sunrise the next morning/night.
seems that we ve been very lucky-it was absolutly amazing-probably one of the most amazing things ive seen my whole life!



first: the bakery stuff is awesome!
the bread is delicious, so is the carrot cake!!

second: after reading all the great reviews on slice of heaven, i was a little disappointed after actually eating there. we had the antipasti, which mostly consisted of pickled vegetables. the hummus was good, but we had to ask for it, since they forgot to bring it.
Made me do my own Antipasti back home then, with Tzatzki, fried Zucchini, Goat Cheese with Tomatos, Bruschetta with a little more topping than just oil and garlic (BUT! used the slice of heaven bread for it!!)....thats more what i expect from an antipasti plate.

the other stuff i tried so far was ok, but nothing really spectacular.
on the other hand its great thing to have a place where you can have western breakfast so nearby and without going to wenlinjie. location is definetly a plus. setting, yeah, looks nice, but not that comfy.

will try the sandwiches next time, the looked good!