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Forums > Living in Kunming > Racism in Kundu

I dont even know where the bar in Top one is (and Ive been there a couple of times), but the money Chinese people spent there to buy beer for me and friends is probably enough to compensate that.

On one point I sadly have to agree with tiger1986, we probably suffer from a very bad image and that actually for a reason.
some foreigners seem to see Partying in China as an open invitation to behave as complete assholes. i have no idea how those people party back home, but Ive seen some pretty poor behaviour around Kundu, especially from guys who wouldnt back off from Chinese girls, even though they made their *no* pretty clear.

On the other hand, the moment Ive see real fighting its always been Chinese people, sometimes foreigners to step in between and help.
Chinese (drunk) fighting seems to be way more serious to me than what i know from back home. unfortunatly there will always be fights when people get drunk and agressive, but in 20 years back home ive never seen a girl (lying on the floor, not moving) beeing kicked by a guy, which ive witnessed after only three month in kunming.

Forums > Living in Kunming > market hongshandonglu

thanks emmi1 for the goat cheese advice, guess i wont have another option the moment the market closes.
i know about the smaller market xiefei mentioned, even been there today and maybe its because of the comparisson, but it sucks. even the choice of vegetables is really poor (at least today), not to mention the bread, goat cheese...

Forums > Living in Kunming > market hongshandonglu

just went to the market and it was open!
i asked the woman i normally buy my vegtables from whats going on and she told me that they arent able to pay the rent for the building (im not sure whether the landlord raised it or not) and that they are going to close on the 31st. they havent decided yet, whether they are going to move to another place. at least thats what i understood (my chinese is pretty poor, so i cant guarantee that this is what she really said, but i think so).
daniel, thanks a lot for the link, i tried to read it before, but there was no chance i could get all or even most of it;-)
so if you have any contrary or other news let us know!

Forums > Living in Kunming > where to stay..

hey, im not really sure whether there are any hostels around ynnu, but from hump is bus 98 directly going to the universitys small gate. might take you 10-15 minutes, but definetly at least 30 minutes during rush hour (around 6 o clock).

Forums > Living in Kunming > market hongshandonglu

hey guys,
does anyone know what happened to the huge vegetable market on hongshandonglu??? i wanted to buy some stuff there today, but when i arrived i found it closed with a lot of people (probably the seller) standing outside. now i heard its permanently closed?? still hope thats a bad joke, since i pretty much relied on that market (vegetables, goat cheese, bread...), but im afraid its not.
does anyone know the reasons and/or whether its just moving to another place???
otherwise: any places where i can buy goat cheese in that area???


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still there are holidays coming up from time to time.
went to emeishan one day after national holidays-because we didnt have enough time to do the whole hike up (or were we just to lazy?;-)), we took a bus to almost till the cablecar, checked in a hotel and went to the peak to see the sunrise the next morning/night.
seems that we ve been very lucky-it was absolutly amazing-probably one of the most amazing things ive seen my whole life!



first: the bakery stuff is awesome!
the bread is delicious, so is the carrot cake!!

second: after reading all the great reviews on slice of heaven, i was a little disappointed after actually eating there. we had the antipasti, which mostly consisted of pickled vegetables. the hummus was good, but we had to ask for it, since they forgot to bring it.
Made me do my own Antipasti back home then, with Tzatzki, fried Zucchini, Goat Cheese with Tomatos, Bruschetta with a little more topping than just oil and garlic (BUT! used the slice of heaven bread for it!!)....thats more what i expect from an antipasti plate.

the other stuff i tried so far was ok, but nothing really spectacular.
on the other hand its great thing to have a place where you can have western breakfast so nearby and without going to wenlinjie. location is definetly a plus. setting, yeah, looks nice, but not that comfy.

will try the sandwiches next time, the looked good!