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Forums > Travel Yunnan > Visa extension in Shangri-La

I wouldn't worry about it moving around. Shangri-La has grown, but a 20 min walk still gets you about everywhere. Just have the Chinese name for PSB handy or any of the hostels in the old town can point you the way.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Visa extension in Shangri-La

About 6 weeks ago, I met a Spanish cyclist in Shangri-La who was waiting on his visa extension there. Seems like it's possible, but I didn't ask how much or how long or what documents you need.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Getting Internet in our Flat

I believe something was lost in the translation as you say...when I pay month to month, it means if I no longer require internet next month, I just cancel and don't pay anymore. No penalties, as I never signed a one year contract.

The one year deal with China Telecom requires full prepayment of 10 months amount (+2 free months = 1 year). So that would mean there is no monthly payment as you have prepaid for a year.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Getting Internet in our Flat

You can opt to pay month by month.

Prepaying for a year will get you two free months, and some monthly mobile phone credit. Most Chinese prepay as they can make use of those two benefits.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Cool stuff to do in kunming

On a nice partly cloudy day like the last few, rent/borrow/own a bike and ride to the west entrance of HaiGeng Park via DianChi and GuanJing roads. There is a wonderfully quiet and pretty back road that parallels DianChi if you're up for exploring it out. Go on a weekday and you can even sneak a ride on top of the tourist walkway on GuanJing for some pretty scenery. Once at the park, pay a 10rmb entrance fee and then go have lunch/snacks inside the park. Better yet, is to go as a group and rent a bbq slot or picnic on the grass. The water will most likely be smelly green now, but when it's not, HaiGeng is even nicer. You can ride out of the east exit and explore the nearby sports complex and then make you're way home on XingTi Rd.

The weather and ability to see blue skies is a big reason so many foreigners reside in a tier 2 city of this size. So I like to take advantage of the climate by taking in the pleasant parts of Kunming.


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Any hotel in Kunming probably can, but as you venture out to the smaller cities of China, you will find that many hotels are not setup to register foreign guests. When you get very rural, it's actually easier to find lodging as many places then don't bother with registration. The rule is still on the books, but most big city hotels can comply now and most small village ones don't bother. It's 3rd tier non-tourist towns where you tend to encounter this issue.

Wow, only 13 businesses lost and zero death toll. That's the best bad news possible out of a fire in old town. It could of easily been 130 businesses and worst. The might of the Chinese populace. 1000 for the bucket brigade.



Most airports in China have the last shuttle bus depart when the last flight arrives. Whether they do this as a courtesy or it's a rule of law, I don't know. But it's very comforting.


The 28rmb salad bar buffet is the best meal to be had in Kunming for that price. Killer onion rings as part of that salad bar! Starts at 5pm Mon-Sat. They don't restock a dish if it runs out, but it's rarely an issue because there are so many others and no dish runs out unless you show up past 7'ish on a fri or sat.

Their steaks are Chinese steaks, and not a Western level of cut of meat, but the Korean dishes are excellent.

The only reason it's 4 and not 5 stars, is I live far away, and maybe the quality of the steak. Of course it was only 50rmb for a steak, potatoes, and a salad bar buffet included.

Oh yes, the staff are really nice, but it's not fine dining, so they don't rush to take your order or bring out water. The place is more relaxed, so give'em a hollar or just grab a menu and some silverware yourself.