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Forums > Living in Kunming > ADSL Sucks when it Rains

China Telecom maybe "off the hook" (I couldn't resist haha) for the rain/adsl slow down.

I used a very niche business isp in Los Angeles, and even they mentioned something about rainy weather...not that it really rains in Los Angeles.

From a USA isp:

4. On a completely different topic: rainy weather *can* effect DSL and dial-up Internet access. Although comparatively few people have any trouble at all, we do actually get increased trouble ticket activity whenever it rains for extended periods. According to the engineers, the reason for this is that the exterior cables that conduct the transmission tend to absorb some of the rain's moisture. In turn, resistance builds up and the transmission tends to slow down. If it seems your connection has slowed down, and indeed you've tested it at and confirmed the slowdown then simply power cycle the modem.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Tablets in Kunming

iPad2 with wifi/3g model and as much memory you can afford would most likely suit your needs. China Unicomm has data plans for 3g for your ipad.

Android tablets are still lacking in many respects, but most importantly in the number of tablet specific apps.

If your only going to be reading books, then a Kindle might be a better option.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Where to buy a decent bike

I second the above recommendation. Xiong Brothers. They sell moderate 2k rmb to very expensive bikes 10k+ rmb. Service is excellent, but at if you don't live nearby, then it's not of much use.

Most bike shops in Kunming that sell a majority of higher quality bikes in general provide a high level of service. This would include brands such as Giant, Merida, Specialized, Eurobike, Kronos, and UCC. Conversing in English though is the exception rather than rule. I suggest you just find one of these type of shops that you live near. Unless, you have a specific preference, budget, or recommendation, all the above brands have on offer a selection of moderate to expensive bikes which would all have good quality components for a general enthusiast.


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Any hotel in Kunming probably can, but as you venture out to the smaller cities of China, you will find that many hotels are not setup to register foreign guests. When you get very rural, it's actually easier to find lodging as many places then don't bother with registration. The rule is still on the books, but most big city hotels can comply now and most small village ones don't bother. It's 3rd tier non-tourist towns where you tend to encounter this issue.

Wow, only 13 businesses lost and zero death toll. That's the best bad news possible out of a fire in old town. It could of easily been 130 businesses and worst. The might of the Chinese populace. 1000 for the bucket brigade.



Most airports in China have the last shuttle bus depart when the last flight arrives. Whether they do this as a courtesy or it's a rule of law, I don't know. But it's very comforting.


The 28rmb salad bar buffet is the best meal to be had in Kunming for that price. Killer onion rings as part of that salad bar! Starts at 5pm Mon-Sat. They don't restock a dish if it runs out, but it's rarely an issue because there are so many others and no dish runs out unless you show up past 7'ish on a fri or sat.

Their steaks are Chinese steaks, and not a Western level of cut of meat, but the Korean dishes are excellent.

The only reason it's 4 and not 5 stars, is I live far away, and maybe the quality of the steak. Of course it was only 50rmb for a steak, potatoes, and a salad bar buffet included.

Oh yes, the staff are really nice, but it's not fine dining, so they don't rush to take your order or bring out water. The place is more relaxed, so give'em a hollar or just grab a menu and some silverware yourself.