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Forums > Living in Kunming > UEFA EURO 2012

Yeah you can reserve a table for free, just call us on the bar number : 0871 5615661.
At the bar itself we usually function on bar/table tabs unless it's packed :)

Forums > Living in Kunming > UEFA EURO 2012

Hi guys, to answer your questions we havé 2 tv's on first floor on top of thé one on top floor.
We'll also havé évents on each game: Check thé évents page on go kunming! Thx

Forums > Living in Kunming > Academy Awards (Oscar's)

Hi Guys,

Just to let everyone know the Oscar's are on at 8am at O'Reilly's Pub.
Putting it here because just saw it now and won't have time to post it on the events!
If you're interested don't hesitate!



Forums > Living in Kunming > Looking for basketball buddies

Hi Guys,

I didnt make it out thursday...Sorry about that. Of course forgot to take your numbers so couldnt even let you know in advance.
I've been playing in Kunming for a while and if you guys are interested, every saturday there is basketball in the south of the city at KIA (international school). WE do some full court (outside court, good condition, no slipping!!). Often 10 guys or more.
Foreign + chinese!
Also possible to take a taxi with 4 guys from city center, it will be cheaper :)

If you're interested send me a text :

137 5917 7741

I'll give you more details!



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Yeah I think they must have got their numbers way wrong haha...
Was in Tianjin a few weeks ago...it's way ahead of Kunming in everything and a lot more expats than even Shenzhen.
You can even download an expat PDF for their TEDA district (just 1 district) explaining where the restaurants, bars, hospitals and schools are (everyone of them is international standards).
So I believe Kunming is growing and I definitely agree with the fact that more and more Chinese are coming here, but it probably ranks bottom of a top 10.
Unless you count all the Thai and Vietnamese in Kunming (which are also expats right?^^), then it all makes sense.

Sorry to hear about all this guys and loved your bar! Used to hang out there pretty much everytime i had a night off for some beers!
I wish you the best of luck for the future!
Will definitely miss The Box!



Max and his company have been helping me with my company here in Kunming for the past 4 years.
I have never had to worry about Visa's, licences or any other government related issues since.
Max also takes care of all our accounting and tax.
I highly recommend his services.
Not only this but he has become a good friend that won't hesitate to help a lost foreigner in times of need!!


Hi Everyone,

Thank you for your support, it is still the beginning and we are trying to get everything right as fast as possible.

I'm posting to let you guys know our internet site is under construction and until it is ready i cannot post ALL of our "Live" sports games on GoKunming (this will flood the event forums...haha).

As some of you have already done, please contact me via GoKunming if there are games you are interested in, i'll let you know if we show them. Or i can add them to our events.

Thank you!