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Forums > Living in Kunming > Is there any Int'l school in Kunming ?

I think KIA might be the only accredited international school in Kunming. I believe classes are taught in English with some supplemental Chinese language classes also available. Below is their contact info from the ad on this site:

Kunming International Academy
Yanjiadi Xiaoqu, Kunming

Phone: (0871) 4126887
Fax: (0871) 4126829
Categories: International Schools

Forums > Living in Kunming > Shipping Containers/International Shipping services

We have been in Kunming for several years and will be moving back to the US (East Coast) soon. I have heard of people using containers to move some household things internationally... When we first got to Kunming, we noticed several posters for people wanting to split the cost of a container. Does anyone have any information on companies that might provide this service for a reasonable cost?

We are more interested in getting a whole container vs. paying a moving company by weight/piece of furniture if such a service is possible.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!

Forums > Living in Kunming > Internet service providers

If you live anywhere around the Bai Ma Xiao Qu, you can call Great Wall ISP. They offer broadband services and they do not have the same restrictions on use as China Telecom (China Telecom = no wireless, no VOIP etc.).

I do not use them because their service is not available in my area, but I have friends who say it is faster and cheaper than China Telecom. The number to call to find out if their service is available in your area is 536-9509.

They may offer service in areas other than the one listed above. Right now, I only know that service IS available there and is NOT available in the Yi Er Yi/Shi Da/Kun Gong area (or wasn't last time I checked - please post a reply if you find out otherwise).

Forums > Living in Kunming > Driver's license test materials

I have tried to take the test twice in Kunming and was not able to pass either time. The computer based test randomly selects questions from what I understand to be a database of about 1000 questions. So each test is different. I have not found the staff at the facility to be helpful. I was not permitted to see what questions I missed after either attempt. A friend and I discussed the test for about 45 minutes with one of the supervisors, but he was unwilling to help us aquire any study materials or admit that there might be some translation issues with the test (THERE ARE MANY).

If you've discussed this test with many people, you have probably heard about the ridiculous mechanical questions and the health question relating to what to do if you are in an accident and someone's intestines are coming out (the correct answer is that you should cover them with a bowl and wrap a cloth belt around the bowl in case you're curious). I have taken the class at TenWest school, and while it is somewhat helpful, it does not cover all the questions that could be on the test. According to the testimonials, some people have taken the class and found it helpful for passing the test. Of the five people I know (incl myself) who have taken the class, none have subsequently passed the test that I know of.

International licenses are NOT valid in China.

The international treaty regarding international licenses was signed on September 15, 1949. Since China did not officially become a republic until October 1, 1949, they were not able to be included when the treaty was signed. It does not appear that any steps are being taken to include them now.

Unfortunately there does not seem to be an easy solution to this problem. Outside of establishing residency and trying take the test in another city, questionably legal services (one of which is listed under the 'services offered' section of this site) offer to obtain a license for you via their sources for about 5000 kuai (vs. the 260 or so it costs you to get it at the license office here).

Good luck. And if you find any new information that would be helpful, please let us know!

Forums > Living in Kunming > Local Art

I was walking around Green Lake a couple of weeks ago and saw a young lady painting a beautiful oil painting of the lake area. I have been to several art shops around the area since then (including one near Yun Da's main gate, one on Yi Er Yi St. and several at the Bird and Flower Market downtown), but I was not able to locate any art depicting anything in the greater Kunming area.

Does anyone know of any place that might sell local original art or prints of the Kunming area city/landscape, or even how to contact some local artists individually who might be willing to sell their work for a reasonable price?



No results found.




This place is a little off the beaten path, but feels like an escape from the city in the city.

Hotel and hot springs, as well as regular (indoor and outdoor) pools.

The hotsprings and pools are located in a large courtyard/garden area around the hotel buildings.

Some individual villas are available, other rooms all located in mostly newly renovated two story buildings.

Most rooms have huge soaking tubs and separate showers.

Small but nice fitness facility with on site fitness trainer.

Very clean facilities.

Basketball and tennis courts available for additional fee.

Spa day rate: 83RMB (9/2007)


American owned, very friendly and VERY professional staff.

Very, very clean.

Almost always have some English speaking staff available.

I haven't had any of the beauty/nail treatments, but the foot massage is SO much better than anywhere else I have been in Kunming (with big, comfortable massaging chairs).

Frequent customer plans are also available.


A solid staple in the Kunming expat community...

The staff is super friendly and the food is pretty good.

Dinner entrees include salad bar in the evenings.

Some things to try:

Dinner: Lemon fish, Fajitas; Lunch: Chicken Club, Chili, or Chicken strip salad; Breakfast: American breakfast.

They have a great selection of fresh baked goods like bagels, granola, pies, tortillas, chips, cookies and hotdog/hamburger buns.

There is also a small section of imported products.


This place is REALLY good.

It's slightly more expensive than other western restaurants, but then the quality of the food also seems better too.

The dining area is small, but the design is very stylish and very western.

The Chipotle salad with chicken is GREAT and the desserts also looked pretty amazing.

If I could only eat at one western food place in Kunming, this would probably be the place I'd pick based on the food and the atmosphere.


This is a decent gym that uses mostly California Fitness machines, has eliptical machines, a lot of treadmills and good selection of free weights.

Membership also includes a wide range of classes (aerobics etc.)

The locker rooms are pretty clean, with hot showers, steam room and sauna.

Also has lounge area with free internet access.

Rates are ok, approximately 1100RMB for six months or 1700 for one year.

Personal training is available (additional fee: 100RMB/hour).

Staff is pretty friendly, but also frequently changes (high employee turnover).

Gym is located in the China Everbright Securities building near (near the Remin Zhong Lu McDonalds, on the same side of the street).

Go in the entrance on the back side of the building beside the entrance to the underground garage and take the elevator to 3rd floor.