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Forums > Living in Kunming > International Moving Companies???


Thanks for the tip about Air Sea. I called them and a rep came to my place today to measure the things I want to ship. Let us know how it goes with getting the export license (when did they start trying to get it, and how long do they estimate that it will take?) and anything else you think might be useful as you go through the process with them. What kinds of packing materials did they deliver for you to pack things in? Are you shipping any furniture or just boxes of household items? I wouldn't mind packing most things myself, but I wonder if they would somehow wrap the furniture in foam or bubble wrap or cardboard for protection?

Forums > Living in Kunming > International Moving Companies???


Thanks for the update. Very interesting info. I had not heard about the option to personally send items to Shanghai or Beijing. What company (s) gave you that option? Was it a regular shipping company or specifically a moving company? Was the 5-6K for a full container load to Texas? Also, do you mind if I ask what type of visa you have? Do you know if you have to have a certain kind of visa to get an export license? I'd love to hear more about what you have found out about this process, and about what you find out from the KM customs office. Feel free to give me a call if you would like: 13108763610 Thanks for posting the update!


Forums > Living in Kunming > International Moving Companies???

Which country will you be moving to? I have been contacting some companies about shipping household items to the US. I am not sure about what the regular commercial shipping companies are charging these days. If you go the route of the international moving companies, you might want to be prepared for some sticker shock (I have found full container -called FCL- prices to be around 11K US). Partial space in a container is also available at lower prices, but of course, half a container would be significantly more than $5500 which is half of the FCL cost).

Moving Companies that I have heard from:

Links Relocation: www.linksrelo.com

Asian Tigers: www.asiantigersgroup.com

Crown Relocation: www.crownrelo.com

Stamford Relocation: www.stamfordrelo.com

Euro Transport International Division:
www. internicmovingservices.com

*These companies all state that they are door-to-door moving services, so their fees should include packing at point of origin and unpacking at destination.

If you find any good deals on shipping to the US, please post a reply!

P.S. Also let me know if you are thinking of shipping to US East Coast. Perhaps it would be possible to ship together at a reduced cost? We will be moving early-mid June but are very willing to send the items we want to ship earlier.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Is there any Int'l school in Kunming ?

I think (not sure though) that the school might offer assistance or scholarships based on individual situations. You might still want to check with them to see if there is any type of assistance available for your situation before you decide.

Everything I know about the school suggests that they maintain very high standards in curriculum and faculty. I have also heard that plans are in the works for a new $2.5M USD campus (maybe for fall '09 semester?) Of course running a legitimate, quality, accredited school is not inexpensive, and the costs are spread to a relatively small number of students (I do not think the school can legally be open to Chinese national students per Chinese gov't regulations?). I have known several families who have or had children enrolled there and they have all seemed very satisfied.

Additionally (and I only have very limited knowledge on this topic) but I think KIA's normal fees are about the same as or perhaps a bit lower than other comparable intenational schools (key word = comparable). I am not affiliated with the school or anyone at the school by the way :) Just sharing info I have picked up through friends and around town - and as such, also cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this info. Hope it helps a little though.


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This place is a little off the beaten path, but feels like an escape from the city in the city.

Hotel and hot springs, as well as regular (indoor and outdoor) pools.

The hotsprings and pools are located in a large courtyard/garden area around the hotel buildings.

Some individual villas are available, other rooms all located in mostly newly renovated two story buildings.

Most rooms have huge soaking tubs and separate showers.

Small but nice fitness facility with on site fitness trainer.

Very clean facilities.

Basketball and tennis courts available for additional fee.

Spa day rate: 83RMB (9/2007)


American owned, very friendly and VERY professional staff.

Very, very clean.

Almost always have some English speaking staff available.

I haven't had any of the beauty/nail treatments, but the foot massage is SO much better than anywhere else I have been in Kunming (with big, comfortable massaging chairs).

Frequent customer plans are also available.


A solid staple in the Kunming expat community...

The staff is super friendly and the food is pretty good.

Dinner entrees include salad bar in the evenings.

Some things to try:

Dinner: Lemon fish, Fajitas; Lunch: Chicken Club, Chili, or Chicken strip salad; Breakfast: American breakfast.

They have a great selection of fresh baked goods like bagels, granola, pies, tortillas, chips, cookies and hotdog/hamburger buns.

There is also a small section of imported products.


This place is REALLY good.

It's slightly more expensive than other western restaurants, but then the quality of the food also seems better too.

The dining area is small, but the design is very stylish and very western.

The Chipotle salad with chicken is GREAT and the desserts also looked pretty amazing.

If I could only eat at one western food place in Kunming, this would probably be the place I'd pick based on the food and the atmosphere.


This is a decent gym that uses mostly California Fitness machines, has eliptical machines, a lot of treadmills and good selection of free weights.

Membership also includes a wide range of classes (aerobics etc.)

The locker rooms are pretty clean, with hot showers, steam room and sauna.

Also has lounge area with free internet access.

Rates are ok, approximately 1100RMB for six months or 1700 for one year.

Personal training is available (additional fee: 100RMB/hour).

Staff is pretty friendly, but also frequently changes (high employee turnover).

Gym is located in the China Everbright Securities building near (near the Remin Zhong Lu McDonalds, on the same side of the street).

Go in the entrance on the back side of the building beside the entrance to the underground garage and take the elevator to 3rd floor.