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Kunming urban city department had/has a collaboration with the ETH Zuerich. there's definitely information in English available, not sure how recent. Urban development plans usually go over more than 20 years, so it doesn't matter if it's a few years old.

There's international companies involved to help with waste water recycling, those reports as well are written in English.

The issue is more how much do the developers and real estate companies stick to the rules rather than if there's any consideration of those topics. (in my experience working as designer for developers for several years).

urban heat island effect is not considered a real or very urgent issue, especially not with a lake that size nearby and being located on a plateau. But that's just what i was told, and it was either true, either in favour of my employers to say that, or they simply had no idea and needed to say something.

if you go to the urban planning department next to the PSB (the one mentioned earlier by gokmg), get an appointment, bring an interpreter and see what they say. in some meetings there, we met ppl with excellent English. i found the ppl there very friendly and helpful. Urban planning design is not a national secret.

Kunming does have a future development plan and is well aware of their issues. as any other city in the world, economic values and ideal urban design do not always go together for a long time.

good luck with your thesis!


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