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Forums > Living in Kunming > GOOD vet in Kunming...a couple of questions...

There are two good vets in Kunming as far as I know. One is near Metro called A Du Pets Hospital and the phone number is 5737260.

The other one is called Chong Bao Li located on Baita Road tel 3165127

Both of two places look clean with relatively professional vets.

I recently had my female dog spayed in Chong Bao Li and she has been doing well. This place has heated surgery bed and is using gas anesthetics which is a safer choice for dogs. But the fee is higher than other vets in Kunming. The surgery bill is just over 1000rmb plus 400rmb for 4-5 days antibiotic injection which is given afterwards in case of infection. On top of that adding the taxi fees etc you look spending 1500rmb for the whole thing.

If you choose injection anesthetics the bill will probably come down by half.


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Why do the donated clothes have to be cotton, linen? I have quite a lot in a good condition for donation but just don't think they fit in natural fabric category.


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