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Hey long have you been in the PRC and how many quality MiXian meals have you had for under 10-15 quai (equivalent to sub of the day special)? Ferme la bouche, please...newbie!

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I've been taking my cat to a vet just off the second ring road. Give them a call for directions: 63165127, 13888918121

Forums > Living in Kunming > the end of english teachers with student visas

To daliluver:
My name is Steve Wilson and as the Foreign Director of Owen Foreign Language Schools-Kunming, in what context do you categorize our organization as illegal?
If you'd be willing to come to our campus I'd be happy to show you our licences and documentation.
Furthermore, I'm extremely curious as to your source of when we had plain-clothes/uniformed PSB or the Bureau of Foreign Experts investigate our institution.
As has been my responsibility for over seven years; I ensure that our foreign teachers are legally entitled to live and work within the P.R.C.
Please feel free to contact me at 15687792523.


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Can't believe that nobody's made comment of late. The lasagna, was the best I've had in Kunming! New management and staff means change.
It's not the most expansive of venues, but the ambiance and choice of fare; not to mention the book exchange was refreshing.