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Forums > Living in Kunming > Print/Fax/Scan shop??

there's places all over town that do this kind of stuff - look for signs with the following characters: 打印 dayin - printing; 复印 fuyin - copying; 扫描 saomiao - scanning; 传真 chuanzhen - faxing.

printing and copying are widespread, scanning and faxing less common - but you should be able to track them down. there's a few places along yieryi dajie, to the east of the intersection with wenhua xiang - that's where i'd start.

Forums > Living in Kunming > help! I'm shipping swords to Aussie

oddly, i think your best bet might be to take them with you when you travel. a friend of mine took two massive (and scary looking!) dao from Beijing to the Netherlands for his wushu teacher a while back.

i can't think of a sure-fire way to ship them, but i guess it might be worth talking to the foreign courier companies - FedEx and DHL both operate in Kunming.


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i don't think it sounds odd that the casualty figures are so low. the weather was good, it was during daylight, the area is (relatively) low population density and remember that the Richter scale is logarithmic, so 6 is ten times smaller than 7.

however, i concur that we're likely to hear of more dead and injured over the coming hours and days.

ah man, that looks yummy. i like a bit of hua jiao you in the mix, some garlic, and plenty of chilli. pair it up with the rubing dish from last week, wash it down with a few LCJs, and you're set

just imagine: "Salvador's opens 50th store in Peru"

what then? the horrors! a successful indie brand from Kunming has gone global, and that makes them "bad", just because of their success?

and i expect Salvador's would have the sense to change their menu for different markets, as most international chains in China have.

brands are everything, and the market is always right.



no-one's reviewed this place for nearly 3 years! i think i know why: it's solid. a bit boring maybe, but they get the job done: food on the table in good time, attentive staff, wide selection of items. the 'Prague Breakfast' is a fine feed, still good value after the recent price increase.


i joined friends here on the weekend. they were getting food and playing a game. the pizzas looked great, but my friends advised me to avoid them, saying they tasted bland.

having made a selection, it took 20 minutes for the staff to tell me that my choice was no longer available. as my friends had nearly finished their game, we then all took our business elsewhere.

helpful advice:

- if someone arrives, give them a menu

- sort out the beer selection

- if i speak to you in Chinese, speak back to me in Chinese


worthless in every way. i've given this place more chances than i can count, and they remain incompetent.


i've recently rediscovered this place. it's a little hit and miss, but i have to say that with a little experimentation, you can find some quality food here. while not perfect, the vindaloo is the best i've had.


i first sampled the Silver Spoon burgers a few weeks back - not bad at all, though i was unconvinced that they were 1/2 pound. another visit yesterday, and this time i was persuaded... definitely a fat burger. i was very happy with my cheese and bacon burger. diners with large appetites, be warned - you'll need a side of something to make a meal - the burger is just a burger - no fries.