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Forums > Travel Yunnan > From Lincang to Jinping by bus

The bus from Luchun to Jinping goes via Pinghe, Zhemi and Mengla, so if you are heading for the minority areas along the Vietnamese border, you can get off early.

Best market is in Nafa, which appears as 金水河 on maps, for dates see and generally for the area:

If you are heading for Laomeng, you will need to catch a minibus from Luchun as the main busses now go via the new highway that does not pass Laomeng anymore. From Laomeng there is at least one bus to Jinping via Tongchang and maybe another one via Laojizhai, Zhemi and Mengla.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > From Lincang to Jinping by bus

Plenty of busses from Menglian to Puer, if you still have time continue on to Jiangcheng. From Puer at least one bus, from Jiangcheng several busses to Luchun, which has an early morning bus to Jinping. This route avoids the big cities, goes through minority areas along the Vietnamese border and is more direct, but the roads are still in good condition.

All the timetables, as for most other places in Yunnan, here:

In your case:

Forums > Living in Kunming > looking for a quality photo print shop

Kaida used to be the main place for professional photo printing, but their main shop on Beijing Lu disappeared when the building was pulled down. I am not sure if their branch on Dongfeng Donglu, in the block just east of the Beijing Lu intersection still exists. They used to have a section specialising in exhibition/display printing.


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I was at the site a few years ago, then it was a sparsely forrested hill surrounded by southern Kunming's growing construction. Apart from the Flying Tigers marker there were a number of newer Chinese tombs (the coffin part is more likely from one of the newer graves). Some people were up there for picnics, leaving the usual rubbish.

Finding the Flying Tigers marker set in 2008 is not too difficult. We took a taxi down to the old 贵昆路 to 普照村. Then with a little help from a local we turned east, crossed the railway line and scrambled up a dirt track to the top of the hill. There seemed to be better access from the other side.

A link to a map showing the location:[...]

A bit more background information on the times and the 12-1 incident in a book by one of Kunming's longest western residents, John Israel: Lianda - A Chinese University in War and Revolution, for the 12-1 incident see particularly pp369.

While scholarly, John's book is very readable and gives a lot of insight into the times of the anti-Japanese war here in Kunming. It has recently been translated and published to great acclaim here in China.

Closest 龙舟比赛 probably in Yiliang 宜良 as part of the annual 花街节. Races start at 10am on Wednesday, I am not actually sure exactly where they have enough water for a serious race, but the flower market is held along 乡鸭湖大道, a ten minute walk from the bus terminal.

Full program here:

You misunderstood me if you thought that I was expecting GoKM to be anything but lighthearted. Not reporting controversial issues is a practical solution to a real problem and as nothing of that nature appears in GoKM I assume that this an editorial decision. This is fine with me.

As I said, I draw the line where this turns into a bizarre defense of distorted facts that have significant meaning in this country, assisted by some semantic trickery and hidden editing.

Is that really asking too much?

It was meant in jest.

I have been to Tianpeng 田蓬 in Funing county where this has happened a few times, the first time maybe ten years ago. Not only is the scenery pretty nice, but it also has a unique mix of minorities: Miao, Yao, Yi, Zhuang. Even the Han dress traditionally there and some people cross from the Vietnamese side on market day.

But the border police has been very itchy every time I went there. The first time they told me to move into a different guesthouse and not to leave the township apart from on the bus back. Now I understand their concerns a bit better.



It is rare to find good approximations of western food anywhere in China and their lamb-chops (listed as lamb T-bone steak or so) were the best I have found so far. They came with good fries and the beer was cold. I liked the way that they serve the gloopy 'black-pepper sauce' separately, so one can just skip it. Pleasant and quick service too.


A pleasant modern eatery. The menu claims the chef worked for a large Chinese chain of Thai restaurants, but the Thai aspect of the food is difficult to find.

I gave the 'boneless chicken feet' a miss and had some spicy beef which while not bad was closer to the usual Sichuan fare than anything Thai. A dog under the table quickly lapping up any dropped food complemented the Sichuan experience.

The spring rolls were not bad though and together with a beer the bill came to Y58.

Easiest improvement would be better rice.


Easily the best bread to be found in Yunnan with friendly and efficient service. I have made detours to Dali just to pick up some bread on the way back to Kunming.