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Forums > Living in Kunming > Last night's scuffle on Wenhua Xiang

We do not have any reliable information about exactly how the initial dispute unfolded—no video recording, no detailed, impartial eyewitness testimony. It reminds me of an adage I heard recently: "In every dispute there are three sides to the story: Side A, Side B...and the truth."

We don't know exactly what happened. In that light, it doesn't seem worth conjecturing on or discussing further.

Let's get on with our lives and—as is wise anyplace in the world—remain aware of our surroundings and tread lightly when out in public.


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Nice interview, although I'm not sure I'm as sanguine as Mr. Xiong is about Kunming's bike friendliness in the future...

@Hugh&Sylvie, I believe it's around 75km around the lake, but not entirely sure. Xiong brothers goes out on one of the weekend mornings, but I can't remember which one at the moment. Why not call them or stop by and find out?

Starbucks is not going to open on Wenlin Jie, at least not in the near future. They will start off with a few high-profile expensive locations in modern shopping complexes, like they do in every new city.

My guesses would be Shuncheng Mall, Gingko, or somewhere along Beijing Lu in Beishi Qu, where they know there will be a subway stop. If they come to the Cuihu area it will probably be somewhere in or around the park itself.



I feel like I've been suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning since Friday because the Camel was so damn smoky.

But when I went to see my doctor he told me it was actually just alcoholism.


The break and baked goods are quite good, rivaling other decent places such as As You Like (although I still think that French Cafe takes the cake in the bread department.)

The Sunday Roast is tasty and a good chance to meet some new and interesting people (communal seating seems to be encouraged.)


Rocco happened to be on hand to greet us when we went and he was extremely warm and attentive.

I had the gnocchi with mushrooms and it was quite tasty.