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Forums > Living in Kunming > motorbike in kunming-registration.

I have a motorcycle from Jinan. After exploring the idea of registering it in Kunming I found out that there are no more motorcycles being registered in Kunming. I also found out that no out-of-province motorcycles are allowed inside the Kunming city limits and the only way for me to renew my registration (expired over a year ago) is to send it back to Jinan. I was told at the train station that I could not put it on a train which would mean riding it across China, again. Once was enough for me. Mine sits quietly in my garage as I prefer it there to the police lot. I live outside the ring roads so I do take it out once and a while for ride through the hills but as I see more and more traffic stops I choose my scoots for daily transpo. Anyone have any backdoor ideas for this sort of thing???

Forums > Living in Kunming > My mac needs reviving...

I finally got around to trying your idea but I wasn't able to get it into firewire mode. Just nothing. The battery is toast. No lights on it but the AC adapter is green than orange or vice versa. Haven't tried resetting the RAM yet but wanted to say thanks for all the help. I may just drop it off at a shop and cross my digits. I'll let you know.

I'll try the swap but if they're old firewire 400 drives won't the USB not connect?

Thanks again everyone!

Forums > Living in Kunming > My mac needs reviving...

It's a second generation G4 Powerbook. Yup, old. It'd been working splendidly up until recently (before the passing of it's daddy) when it just wouldn't start up one day. I tried the hard reset shift-control-option & power button for 5 seconds and low and behold it worked, about 5 times than stopped being so friendly. Up until then it had been fine performance wise, maybe a little slow but the ol' bessie is about 9 years old. Since than all I get is the occasional sound of the dvd-r trying to eject nothing when I try and start it up and a little internal hard drive noise. I was thinking maybe the monitor went on the blink so I hooked it up to an external to no avail. I've got external fire wire drives, the old 400's, with all of my back-ups but no way to access them sans my laptop or anything with a 400 jack. Now I'm on an Ubuntu rig that's doing just fine but I'd like to get that stuff off those drives and if possible watch my old aluminum buddy come back to life. It's been down for a couple months but with Steve Jobs passing and me feeling oddly emotional about the whole thing it'd be cool to have it back.

Forums > Living in Kunming > My mac needs reviving...

My old G4 Powerbook is acting funny and I don't know why, excuse me while I kiss the sky (sorry couldn't resist.)
Does anyone know a place in town? Maybe English friendly?

Thanks for everything SJ!


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I just went to the opening of the Lost Garden Guesthouse close to Green Lake and they've got this huge brick oven pizza that's churning out the best pizza I've had not only in Kunming but all of frick'n China! And believe me everyone there was saying the same frick'n thing I am totally serious. Awesomeness! The sauce, insane flavor. Definitely not some processed bagged sauce. I'm a crust guy and the crust is crispy on the bottom and holds holds together well so you can pick it up and eat it proper pizza style. None of this knife and fork under-cooked thin crust blech nonsense I've seen before. And I'm not one of those guys that doesn't eat the whole slice and throws away the bready goodness at the end. I'm the guy the eats your thrown away bready goodness at the end and I'm telling you there is bready goodness at the end of these slices! The whole awesome bubble in the dough and everything. Oh gawd ding it I want to go back right now! If you can read this you probably like pizza so do yourself a favor and seek this joint out! It's about a 3 minute walk from The Green Lake Hotel but once you're there you'd never know it. The atmosphere is like a hug. It's totally cozy, comfortable and feels like your in a tree fort. Get there and tell them Large Marge sent you!