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Forums > Living in Kunming > What to bring to Kunming?

The medicines you mentioned you can get here easily, but bring prescription meds, naturally. You only need academic transcripts if you want a job or to teach. Any photocopies can be made here, even of whole books. Coffee, tea all available locally. Things to read and cookies available here. Bottled water everywhere, as well as easily-boiled tap water. Security wires/ computer locks available. Kindle, available here, is not a bad idea. Insulating self from the madness somewhat negates the point of coming in the first place.

Vegemite, marmite hard to find - also large shoes, clothes.

This is not the edge of the world.

Forums > Living in Kunming > New visa/immigration regulations July 1, 2013

Does this mean the multiple-entry F visa I presently have, which requires me to leave the country every couple of months but should be good for quite awhile yet, is going to go up in smoke on July 1? What happens the next time I leave the country and then try to come back on this visa?

Forums > Living in Kunming > Mike

There's a lot of garbage in the world.

But we were his friends and he was our friend.

As far as I'm concerned, that's all you get.


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@xfouroo: Sorry to hear that family members were mistreated in the past, but are you also saying the story presented here on gokunming is a joke? If so, why? I haven't looked for the wikipedia story.



Not quite what you'd call a jumping place, but not bad at all for rather standard US-type meals, not overly expensive, and with a really good salad bar that's cheap, or free with most dinner dishes after 5:30PM. You can get a bottle of beer or even wine if you really want to, but I've never seen anybody do it - maybe that's just to take out. Chinese Christian run, and they hire people with physical disadvantages, who are pleasant and helpful. Frequented by foreign (mostly North American) Christians and Chinese Christians - was started by a Canadian couple associated with Bless China (previously, Project Grace), who are no longer here, but no religious pressure or any of that. Steaks are nothing special, and I avoid the Korean dishes, which I've had a few times but which did not impress me.

As a shop and bakery, it's very good bread at reasonable prices, of various kinds (Y18 for a good multigrain loaf that certainly weighs well over a pound. Other stuff too, like granola and oatmeal that is local, as well as imported things, including American cornflakes and so forth, which some people seem to require.


Large portions, seriously so with the pizza, which is Brooklyn/American style, I guess. Convivial, conversational, good place to drink with good folks on both sides of the bar, especially after about 9PM.


Really good pizza and steaks. The wine machine fuddles me when I'm a bit fuddled, & seems unnecessary. Good folks on both sides of the bar.