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Forums > Living in Kunming > Transferring money into China

My wife and I want back to BOC and a got manager (that's what her badge indicated) with knowledge on wiring from abroad to ask about any limitation to wiring money in for real estate purchase. Even she didn't have the answer but upon insisting and being as crystal clear with specific examples, she had to confer with someone else and she came back that my wife could wire from her US bank account the amount necessary to purchase either a personal or commercial property as long as the money appears to be legit with bank statement confirmations.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Transferring money into China

tigertiger, I went to the main BOC branch on Beijing Lu and Renmin Lu and I mentioned to the representative that this was for the purchase of real estate. Anyway, our plans changed but I will return to the bank and clearly ask the question to a manager to get an accurate answer to the limit of inbound wire. Thanks for the heads up.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Bringing Chinese Dried Plant Herbs back to the USA

My wife wants to bring back to the US loose dried plant herbs that she can buy at the wholesale herbal market. Does anyone have any experience with doing this over the last several years. US Customs website isn't very clear about this. We can buy same/similar "packaged" herbs in the food section a nearby Chinese supermarket but at a much higher inflated price. They can be used to make Chinese herbal concoctions.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Transferring money into China

Just out of curiosity, yesterday, we went to look an old style apartment in a rundown building, mainly because it wasn't too far from a metro line. Of course, they don't bother making it look presentable. I WASN'T surprised to hear the "asking" price was 1.25 million, LOL. Of course, that price was negotiable, to what, 1.1 million, LOL. 600k is what I thought it was "possibly" worth, specifically because it was a 10 minute walk to the metro a consideration for renting and the small possibly of the buildings being demolished in the future.


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I usually take the bus to Jinghong leaving from the South Bus Station.
In JH, you can catch a bus to Huay Xai Laos the next morning. I am not sure if there is a sleeper going to HX. You can probably buy the next morning bus after you arrive in JH.
I usually stay at Manytrees International Youth Hostel several nights before I take the morning bus to Laos.
You should arrive in HX in time to cross the border into Thailand. You can sleep 1 night at one of the local GHs and catch the Green Bus to CM in the morning or catch a minivan the same day at about 6PM to CM.
Hope this helps.


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