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bucko, where did you get such ultra cheap tickets and which airline are you using? Is it one of those that take about a day to arrive because there is a very long stopover?


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I usually take the bus to Jinghong leaving from the South Bus Station.
In JH, you can catch a bus to Huay Xai Laos the next morning. I am not sure if there is a sleeper going to HX. You can probably buy the next morning bus after you arrive in JH.
I usually stay at Manytrees International Youth Hostel several nights before I take the morning bus to Laos.
You should arrive in HX in time to cross the border into Thailand. You can sleep 1 night at one of the local GHs and catch the Green Bus to CM in the morning or catch a minivan the same day at about 6PM to CM.
Hope this helps.


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