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Forums > Travel Yunnan > Thai visa for Chinese (GF) Fiance

I am an American with a Thai retirement visa living in Chiang Mai. My GF and I want to spend time both in China, Thailand as well as taking trips to other Asian countries, so she will need 2 to 3 Thai visas a year. Since she will not need to work, will getting a Thai visa for her in China be more difficult? How easy is it to get Thai visas in other Asian countries?

Thanks for any helpful advice.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Is a Health Certificate for Chinese nationals required?

We went to a government run health service for international travel and they gave my GF the impression that she needed this certificate to either leave China or enter Thailand. The cost was going to be nearly 500Y for a cholera and anti-mosquito shots . I wasn't about cough up that money if the certificate isn't required for travel. I am not a great believer in the unconditional use of shots unless one is traveling to a highly contagious area.
Thanks for the info and I know about the visa issues.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Is a Health Certificate for Chinese nationals required?

My Chinese GF plans to join me in Thailand next month. Does anyone know if she is required by either China or Thailand to get a health certificate to either leave China or enter Thailand. If the answer is "yes" what is the minimum required shots. I left the US over 4 years ago and have been living in Thailand as well as traveling around Asia and have never had to get a health certificate with any required shots.
Thanks in advance for any advice.


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I usually take the bus to Jinghong leaving from the South Bus Station.
In JH, you can catch a bus to Huay Xai Laos the next morning. I am not sure if there is a sleeper going to HX. You can probably buy the next morning bus after you arrive in JH.
I usually stay at Manytrees International Youth Hostel several nights before I take the morning bus to Laos.
You should arrive in HX in time to cross the border into Thailand. You can sleep 1 night at one of the local GHs and catch the Green Bus to CM in the morning or catch a minivan the same day at about 6PM to CM.
Hope this helps.


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