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There is no direct references to age mentioned in a booklet entitled 'The Compilation of Laws and Regulations on Administration and Services of Foreign Experts' issued by the Department of Cultural and Educational Experts, State Administration of Foreign Expert Affairs. December 7, 2015. Article 7 (11) 'To apply for the X1 visa, the applicant shall, in accordance with relevant provisions, submit the admission notice issued by the admission institution and the certification documents provided by the competent authority: to apply for the X2 visa.......'ditto. X1 = long-term study, X2 = short-term study.

I do not know for sure if this has been superseded or if there are other provisions published elsewhere.

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Article 22 'Where a foreigner holding a residence permit for study intends to engage in off-campus work-study or internship, he or she, shall, upon approval of the school, apply to the exit and entry administration authority of the public security organ to have such information as the location and duration of the work-study program or internship placement specified in his or her residence permit.' More simply and better still; see the post immediately above.

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@kc430 I've friends at home who vet my mail, scan the important stuff and rarely, they send stuff on to me physically, like replacement bank cards. Starts off in UK by Royal Mail and is delivered by ChinaPost EMS. The outside of the package has my address in both English and Chinese, and, as suggested above, a contact name and telephone number. The latter is essential. I can track it all the way to Beijing after which there is nothing until 'delivered'. Never had a problem and last replacement card was received two weeks ago.


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Seriously dolphin, by the time most of my peers had left high-school (secondary school to be accurate) they all had the common sense to recognise when someone was trying to pull the wool over their eyes. There have been tall stories around since time immemorial. I don't see a genuine issue here, other than some people wanting to shout 'fire' every five minutes and cause worldwide mass hysteria.

I can smell that from just looking at the image. It's enough to put me off eating meat in what's left of my time in China. Once again, it raises doubts about food safety. Of course, there are always prime Australian steaks waiting in the freezer at Metro.



Ever since seeing patients having teeth extracted on the street when working in Guizhou many years ago I've studiously avoided dental treatment here. So when pushed into a corner because a Thai dentist confessed to being unqualified to do a particular procedure I feared the worst. It was at least reassuring when the Huiying dentist confessed it would be tricky. Within 40 minutes, during which I nearly dozed off, the job was complete and the care surpassed anything I've had in my life, and all without any fuss.


My one and only impression is that Richland is a cash deposit facility dressed up as medical establishment with actors dressed up as nurses. The 'doctors' turning up late, if at all, for rehearsal.