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Forums > Living in Kunming > Hiking around Kunming

Yunnan Agricultural University old campus is just twenty minutes walk from the nearest subway, or take 96, 128, 9, 79 buses. The latter two will drop you off right outside the university.

Make your way through the old campus to the back lane that heads northwards toward the mountain(s): Lijia, Xiao Caojia and Fenglingshan mountains. From the top of Fenglingshan you can see Songhuaba Reservoir over to the east. On a clear day you could see most of Kunming and immediately below is CiBa, but right now, just settle for being up amongst the clouds, mist and pine trees. A fairly steep ascent for between 30 - 60 minutes but then the summit and a range of options for where to head next. This time of the year plenty of butterflies of all sizes and colours, the odd snake and lizard. If you know where to look you can pick up wild ginger but ignore the mushrooms unless you're certain they're safe. Rain or shine, take an umbrella and water. Once you get to the top choose which way you want to go. There are numerous options lasting from a couple of hours to very much longer. My longest was 38km ending up down at the reservoir and back to what is now the Waterfall Park leading to the Panlong and back to Beijing Lu. I'm sat looking at it now and the clouds swirling around the summit are an amazing scene. No paved paths or steps. Apart from a goatherd, you'll possibly not set eyes on anyone for the duration. It's beautiful.

Post 888; a perfect number on which to retire from posting on GK. Next stop UK.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Watching World Cup

Competition and cooperation are not, and never have been, a binary choice for anyone. Obsessing about the merits of one or the other is merely another obsession. Nothing wrong with an occasional bout of obsession either. The problem is people obsessed with telling others that they, and they alone, know best.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Local Move of Bed

You mentioned the two homes were fairly close. These people will welcome the chance to earn money and my guess is that any distance from FengYuan Lu in the north, down to Beichen and possibly onward toward North Railway station would be doable at a price. Look for an operator with a battery assisted vehicle.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Local Move of Bed

Go out into the street at either of the two homes.

Look for someone with a bicycle with a cart attached to the back. They will move it for you and do it quickly and efficiently. I've done it this way myself when I borrowed a bed from a friend to accommodate visitors.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Maintaining a United States phone # in Kunming

I've had a UK Skype-in number for several years and never once has it been used. Relatives and friends of all ages at home use a combination of WhatsApp (+VPN at my end) and WeChat for text messages, video and voice. WeChat has proved most reliable if only because it doesn't suffer from being interfered with.


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I can smell that from just looking at the image. It's enough to put me off eating meat in what's left of my time in China. Once again, it raises doubts about food safety. Of course, there are always prime Australian steaks waiting in the freezer at Metro.

Why should anyone assume that China aspire to become democratic or why 'democracy' should be considered a suitable system of governance for China? I view democracy zealots in the same way as I view activists pushing veaganism or total abstinence from alcohol, smoking and premarital sex. If it works for you, great, but don't assume that it's right for everyone and give over with the preaching because that simply serves to irritate. The current, and limited, goals for poverty reduction (in rural areas) have been put in place, and will almost certainly be achieved, along with other key policies, in order to provide continuing legitimacy to total Party dominance. This is the paramount objectve and all other goals and policies serve to achieve this. For the majority of the population, the formula is at least tolerated and even lauded by many. For internal dissenters, they simply have to accept that China is spending more on internal security than external defence and way up the consequences. If you are Chinese and want out, then leave quietly and don't make a fuss. If you're not Chinese and you disagree then fill your boots - it's seen as background noise, somewhat amusing and it's really not important what you think. At the same time, if you string along then you may benefit. Seems to me that China is already overflowing with self-esteem and confidence. If you could buy and sell shares in a country or Union for long-term gain, China would probably head the FTSE 100 and be a safe haven while other countries and jurisdictions are currently underperforming or restructuring along authoritarian lines.



Ever since seeing patients having teeth extracted on the street when working in Guizhou many years ago I've studiously avoided dental treatment here. So when pushed into a corner because a Thai dentist confessed to being unqualified to do a particular procedure I feared the worst. It was at least reassuring when the Huiying dentist confessed it would be tricky. Within 40 minutes, during which I nearly dozed off, the job was complete and the care surpassed anything I've had in my life, and all without any fuss.


My one and only impression is that Richland is a cash deposit facility dressed up as medical establishment with actors dressed up as nurses. The 'doctors' turning up late, if at all, for rehearsal.