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Forums > Living in Kunming > Is Salvador's closed today?

Salvador’s main shop and Loft will be closed today (Sunday July 5th) however Salvador’s Mosaic Bistro (Wen lin jie #70) will be open as normal. Thanks!


Forums > Living in Kunming > French Cafe

Yes, unfortunately French cafe has closed after 21 years. They were one of the earliest of it’s kind in Kunming and they had a great run and we will miss them. Just before they closed we at Salvador’s decided to take it over to keep the spirit going and breathe new life into it with our team. Their staff will be staying on with us as well. We hope to be open in early December. Long live French Cafe!

Forums > Living in Kunming > Good site for downloading Chinese subtitles?

When you get the weird jumbled characters instead of Chinese sometimes it can be fixed with a bit of software called Aegisub. You open the faulty subtitle file with Aegisub and if you can see Chinese characters there then you export the file as a new .ass (for some reason) file and that can regularly clear up the problem, but not always.


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@SSeminari Yeah man, it started out innocently enough about a year ago when there were only a few people out from time to time but in recent months it really has gotten way too out of control. And the fact that the Chengguan leave at the same time every day only encourages more and more people to come as they know it will be fine after 9ish. Now I think there are more illegal vendors in w.h.x. than legal ones hahaha! It makes it harder for anyone to get in and out of w.h.x. and makes being in w.h.x. more hectic, I suppose it's possible that scares some people from coming into the alley indirectly affecting Sal's business but really it's the noise, garbage and the fact that it's difficult to walk around anymore that is the most dissapointing about all this. The neighborhood has been hijacked. I liked it better when w.h.x. was quiter. Great chatting with you all about this.

@SSeminari The problem of regulating traffic in w.h.x. seems so simple. Your plan is a very good idea and I pray that it could be implemented ASAP. We have all had similar ideas, 'a gate with a card, members only, no through traffic' maybe even one-way and otherwise totally pedestrian. Everyone has talked about this for years but alas apparently it still is a little dreamy :)

The vendors are a big part of the crowd that you see when the vendors are out, from my observation the people that end up looking at their stuff were already walking by anyway and just kind of congregate and didn't come to wen hua xiang just to go to the 2 hour market, and as you said those buyers just buy cheap stuff and dawdle in the street making noise and are not spending much money in the shops.

Everyone agrees that cars shouldn't be allowed in wen hua xiang, I say start with the kids that park on both sides of the street selling stuff out of their trunks (because they figured out they can just shut the trunk and walk away and the cheng guan can't do anything to their cars) They now park in their spots for the night in the daytime and come back later making the already bad w.h.x. traffic worse all day.

There are at least four apt complexes and a police station in w.h.x. all of those places have cars that come and go. Late at night a good portion of the cars trying to get in and out of w.h.x. actually live there and have more right to be there than anybody as the man in this story was quoted as saying...

'at 10pm the racket is only starting. The noise interferes with kids doing their homework and elderly people sleeping." He added that the booths often block the way when he is trying to drive his car home.'

I know there are many other cars that shouldn't be there and I say get rid of them now, but if illegal vendors stop one person who lives in w.h.x. let alone dozens from getting to their rightful, expensive homes on a daily basis it's a problem.

Of course the vendors want to be there, they can sell lots of stuff without paying any rent, utilities, taxes, salaries etc. They are exploiting a weak enforcement system and they obey no laws be it traffic, commerce, taxation, sanitation, environmental or even politeness. They block the road for the cars and pedestrians with zero remorse or regulation. There is smoky shao kao sometimes now and kids with powered subwoofers playing disco music and garbage, garbage, garbage and endless car horns honking. This isn't Khao Sarn road ya'll. A few hundred people have homes with windows that face the street.



I forgot about this little place for many years, but the other day I was in the mood for hotpot and decided to take a look at the menu. Being vegetarian I was under the impression that they wouldn't have much in the way of veggie options but to my delight they have a veggie set meal and many good options which you can order individually. I feel silly for not having checked earlier. Of course much of the menu has meat options and you can get the split hotpot bowl so everyone can have what they want. I'll definitely be adding this into the rotation. Nice little option right in Wen Hua Xiang.


Love this place. One of the best hidden gems in Kunming. The food is all clean and locally sourced and made with creativity and care. The building is interesting and if weather is good sitting outside is awesome. The homemade tofu skin is to die for as well as most of the other dishes on the menu. They also have a lot of very interesting seasonal specials that keep things interesting. Word on the street is that they aren't doing super well these days though. I hope this old favorite gets a new wave of love!


I love this place! I found it on Baidu maps last October and have been going quite regularly since then and have seen marked improvement in my archery skill. It's so nice to have a new cool thing like this to do in Kunming, and so conveniently located! (For me anyway) It is worth noting that in order to practice there you will need to take a class with the owner to get you familiar with the gear, technique and safety and that this instruction is only available in Chinese. Without this initial class he won't let you practice there unless you can somehow prove that you are already a skilled archer so you'll want to go with a friend that speaks good Chinese if you aren't fluent. 50 kuai an hour for non-members, 30 kuai for members. Membership requires putting some money in an account there, think it's around 200 kuai. The initial class is included in the hourly rate. There are an assortment of different difficulty levels of bows so beginners, kids, and people with lower strength levels can get in on the fun too. Great place for a date! Rule #1 Never, ever dry-fire a bow without an arrow in it!


Nice place, a little hard to find the first time but just give a call and they'll help you find it. Really enjoy the quiet locale and the pizza is really good. Great job!


Good food, nice staff, clean and tasty! Will go there often.