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Forums > Living in Kunming > Slow Lorises

@Colin: kudos to the loris, I wouldn't think of battleling with your dog
@Mike: If you don't mind me asking, where do you live in Kunming (in a more city like or more rural area)?
Do people here really keep lorises as pets?
And also Kodos to you for sending them back into nature, let's hope they will enjoy...

Forums > Living in Kunming > My mac needs reviving...

Hi, Macs are not my specialty, but as everybody knows, they do not have any flaws or need any repairing on the software-side ever... (sorry, couldn't resist too)
I don't know any English friendly repair shops here in Kunming, sorry. There are some shops already mentioned here on GoKunming, you can search for the threads.

Then, I know that Macs sometimes act up because of the virtual printers printing-cue. Another reason are problems with your file access permissions, try repairing those first. You could also try a hard-reset, there's a short-cut combo for this one (and it's not just taking out the battery and rebooting, this one does more).

If you give us more specific information on how you G4 is acting up, we maybe can give you more specific answers.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Did you ever see me?

@Jimmo, yes and no. If someone will cross my way with a "I am Gaoxing" t-shirt, I will probably die on the spot in a traffic accident. So, it's more like "I like big apple"...

Forums > Living in Kunming > Night watch

This does not sound right.
First, you shouldn't be asked to pay 3rmb per entrance/per night. The guards get paid by the Building-Management (WuGuan). Then, as you still say they're friendly (even though you have to bribe them when you come late), I do not supposed you want to get them fired right away, which makes complaining at the management office quite a bit harder.

My advice would be to go to the management office and ask friendly if it is their policy to write down ID-card numbers of visitors and inform the police (which I don't think so) and then complain (maybe not complain but more or less inform them) about the one guard which has problems letting in people by night. Hopefully this will lead to an inspection of the guards policies and the bribing might stop.

Otherwise you could also ask your neighbors if they have to pay too, or, let it slip that you're really annoyed by paying 3rmb when you come home late. Hopefully they will have a chat with the guards and this might solve the situation.

Keep us updated.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > A mess in the kunming zoo

If I can remember correctly, this story is even sadder than it sounds in the first place.

When the Safari-Park was opened in northern Kunming, animals from the central zoo were to be send over because the living conditions for them would have been much better.
Guess what... central Zoo officials protested against it, as they found out that this would mean that they would loose customers, eg. business. They argued, that the central zoo's main objective was/is, to present animals to the interested public. They knew also knew that space was very confined downtown but shipping the animals out to north Kunming would have removed them too far from "public".

I'm sorry, I can't find the article anymore, but if you want to read more about the Kunming Zoo, check out this article:
Some of what I mention is in there, and some can be deduced off it.


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Thanks Ian. That summed it up very well. Nice to hear a voice of reason here. If I could I'd promote your comment. I guess my latest Forum post went in the same direction, just so much more sarcastic.
Again, I couldn't agree more.

To answer (or raise) questions about the relationship of the safari park and the zoo, I can offer you some "experts" (as well as some journalists) opinions, quoted from a China daily article in 2004. You'll find the link to the whole article on the bottom of my post...

... "The zoo is a well-run commonweal which belongs to the public and State," she says. "The wild animal park is a private enterprise. I could never understand why such a good base for zoological education and research should be dumped and its assets be given to a private entity — Huzhou Jinjing Investment Co Ltd from Zhejiang. Isn't this a drain of State property?"...

..."in China, most such [safari] parks are simply artificial surroundings for animals to run loose, some experts point out. So there is no essential difference between such parks and zoos, except parks are farther out of ordinary citizens' reach and charge more for admission.In Kunming's case, the zoo charges 10 yuan (US$1.25) for adults and five yuan (about 60 cents) for children, as compared to the park's 35 and 100 yuan (US$4 or 12) for locals and tourists from outside Kunming, not to mention its distance from the city."...

..."As a commonweal, a zoo focuses on education, research and other public interests, while a park as an enterprise is destined to pursue profits."...


I think there is just no empathy for animals left, and oh yeah, how is a zoo in Anning or Chneggong close enough to be called in "ordinary citizen's reach"? Let's hope they'll only extend the premises and not the number of animals too.

Hmmm, no air conditioning? I don't know, this could work out but I wouldn't bet on it. During winter it should be "ok". It's cold outside you wear a lot of stuff and so you just leave your jacket, scarf and hat on when you get on the train. BUT, summer on the elevated tracks going out towards the airport? This summer we had several AC's failing on our German bullet trains and it was a disaster. People collapsed with heat strokes on the train, emergency stops on the open tracks just to get the people out, etc... ...

And then the guy pointing out: "The subway's signal system is controlled by a computer, and within the controlling system, each train will have sensing antennae installed," Yang said. "The antennae will transmit information such as car location to the controlling platform, with computers automatically directing the conductors of each train."

I mean, this is Train protection system 101, every track should have something like this by now (in working condition too). Hopefully the trains won't have an easy safety override for the conductors/engineers.

Sewer Oil stands as a term and it's so disgusting that I am not sure whether I should believe it's existence or not, though I have seen stories written about it and I have seen people doing it (maybe it's the usual denial reaction), the story goes like this.

Back in the days, restaurants would discard used cooking oil into the cities sewer system where it would collect on certain points (either floating on top or building up large chunks on the side walls). People would then go down into the sewers and skim off/collect this oil, filter, maybe refine, but in the end sell it again.
I read stories about restaurants getting aware of those collection points on (or close by) their property and selling "licences" to people to, officially, clean the gutters.

The only "upside"I see is that, after cooking with this oil there shouldn't be any traces of viruses or bacteria left, as the oil is probably heated up to over 180 degrees Celsius, which, even on a short time exposure, make sure that everything still living in it should be dead.

Nowadays, every restaurant is supposed (by law) to have an oil filter system (basically a large metal box with different chambers to slow down water flow, so that the oil can be skimmed off) in the kitchen, I guess this makes the operation more economical and cleaner (hate to say this).

But like I said, it's so hard to believe that it might be an urban myth and I am not sure. If you want to see for yourself, google is your friend and will help you, if you ask it about sewer oil nicely.

I would like to see how this operates from a business point of view. You know like, how can they run this with profit, how low can the cost of chemicals be to bleach (what the F are they using to do that anyway) and perfumize actually be?

It's the same with fake eggs"? How can the production cost of a fake egg be possibly lower than that of a real egg?

Can someone shed some light on this?


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