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Forums > Living in Kunming > Uprock?

Heard they're reopening this Friday, but possibly at a different location. I'll post a followup when I have more solid details from management.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Western groceries in Kunming

I stopped by and peeked through the window at the "American Market" this morning. The selection looked pretty limited: boxed mac 'n' cheese, chocolate sauce, canned soup and some cereal. But if you're looking for that sort of thing it might do...

Forums > Living in Kunming > How to get the 3G / EDGE / GPRS work?

2GB is two gigabytes...the subscription is on a monthly basis with no rollover of unused data from month to month (somebody can correct me if I'm wrong on that one).

You can also pay 20 yuan/month for a smaller amount of data (50 megabytes?) if your needs are not so high.


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Hi Valerie, thanks for the kind words. I don't specifically remember encountering any solo woman travelers, but Myanmar is a very safe place to travel from a personal security perspective.

Map of the route:[...]

For navigation, we bought two books of Chinese-language Yunnan road maps from a bookstore and made a careful study of Google Maps and Google Earth before starting. Most maps are out of date and we had to do a lot of navigation guesswork along the way. We used gps and gprs on our phone to check our position on Google Maps where service was available, and the compass I had strapped on my handlebar was very useful for making sure were were generally headed in the right direction.



One of the more unique hotpot experiences available in Kunming. The higher priced cuts of yak meat, including the yak carpaccio, are excellent.

It's also about as vegetarian friendly as hotpot gets because each person gets an individual pot and there is a (purportedly) vegetarian broth available, as well as a range veggies and good highland barley noodles.


The Yunnan courtyard-style restaurants like Laofangzi, Deyiju, etc are generally up to the task for a solid meal at a somewhat higher-than-average price.

Airuochun is yet another of these options, but perhaps a little ahead of the pack, especially for its tasty pork and pigeon offerings.


Nice place with a friendly owner who really cares about the quality of his food.


Went here for lunch today. Nothing to write home about, but friendly service and a decent price.


Good place to go if you want to try some really strange food including bugs, snake, wild roots, etc. The veggies are also fresh and tasty.