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Forums > Living in Kunming > Where can i buy windows 7

Did you often go out of your home?!!
Windows 7 is avaible in hundreds of shop in Kunming especially illegal versions. Go to 一二一 street and I sure you will find somthing

Forums > Living in Kunming > Pasi School

Pasi schools owners are crook, dont trust them, they just try to fool innoncent foreigners new comers to Kunming. I remember they offer me to be their school manager after 1st interview and asked a kind of monthly fee for running their poor school. Avoid trying to ''work with'' them.


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For sure the zoo was left in very poor condition for a dozen of years (no investment in infrastructure or cage improvement). Everytime I visit it with tourists they were ashamed by half of animals caring (especially mammals).

Another question is why they don't merge this zoo with the new very big one at the end of LongQuanlu ?



Very pleasant owner team.
Home made style foods.
Reasonnable prices and Guillaume always ready to help you to play any games of his unique wide range of boardgames in all Kunming.