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Forums > Study > Best Chinese school to study Business language out of office hours ?

Thanks tigertiger, I also thought buying business books was the best way, but I unfortunately don't have the opportunity to have a Chinese adviser I could marry with.
After arranging my activities, the fact is I can attend class during day time, just I need a semester course dedicated mostly to business useful words - i.e. I dont want to learn how to speak in restaurant/shop/post office, or what Mr Lee did this weekend...-

Good try with the MBA 云南师范大学 but they only offer 1 year course minimum and tuition fee is quite high for an MBA only valued here.

Lylian, I hope for that price quality is very high and money back guarantee in case of deception! Do you offer student visa for that price?

Forums > Living in Kunming > Playing PS3 using video projector HDMI?

Anyone already experienced playing PlayStation 3 directly with a video projector?

I just bought one with direct HDMI 1080p output, and would like to test a PS3 on it to feel the real gaming experience, before buying my own!

If you own a PS3 and would like to try it on my VP, I will be very happy to open my door to you and share some virtual fun with you!

Thanks in advance

Forums > Study > Best Chinese school to study Business language out of office hours ?

Dear all,

Wondering if any of you would recommend a specific school for developing Business Chinese skills out of office hours ?

By out of office hours, I mean every week day after 5pm and the weekends.
I would be ready to get involved in a semester of small classes (preferably not 1 to 1), in a private institution who meet those requirements.

I have heard KCEL is quite the best for that, but I am afraid they only offer 1 to 1 class so that price is quite higher compare to other competitors.

Thanks for any advice

Forums > Living in Kunming > Kunming Business Association (for foreign entrepreneurs)

Is the Kunming Business Association still holding some activities or networking events in Kunming?

The foreign consulates in Kunming have almost no incentive or events dedicated to gather Chinese and Foreign entrepreneurs interests, so that I will really be interested to get some info about that.


Forums > Living in Kunming > Looking for fellow nerds..

People experienced at playing RISK board game, are welcome to come enjoy the RISK 2210 (futuristic version) at my place after Chinese new Year.
We are usually seeking for 2 to 3 other players to bring the team to 4 players where the Game starts to be really exciting ;)
Please message me, I will contact you beginning of Feb.


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For sure the zoo was left in very poor condition for a dozen of years (no investment in infrastructure or cage improvement). Everytime I visit it with tourists they were ashamed by half of animals caring (especially mammals).

Another question is why they don't merge this zoo with the new very big one at the end of LongQuanlu ?



Very pleasant owner team.
Home made style foods.
Reasonnable prices and Guillaume always ready to help you to play any games of his unique wide range of boardgames in all Kunming.