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Forums > Living in Kunming > Entrepreneur in Kunming?

I follow socaliente on that last point.
Step 1 : Having THE idea.
Step 2 : improve the idea
Step 3 : implement the idea
Step 4 : run your profitable business
The environment difficulties in Kunming must stop most of entrepreneurs between Step 2 & 3.
However, after meeting many guys with the billion dollar idea, or the best product idea ever, I realized they often stick to step 1 and never go further...
Why? Because :
1)Afraid to share more because of future great competition threat (which often lead to inaction because it implies support absence)
2)They can't admit to themselves but they are lazy. So between an idea and its implementation, some heavy preparation must be done.
On that last case this is where I distinguish the real Entrepreneur Spirit to the Entrepreneur Image some tricky people use on purpose to describe themselves (but it would always remain as a dream for them..)

Forums > Living in Kunming > Entrepreneur in Kunming?

Dear All, thank you very much for sharing all that leads.

On the one hand, sure the business environment in Kunming for foreigners starting operations is quite not favourable. That would probably explain why most foreign managed businesses are owned by at least one chinese person (and I believe Salvador is) or why many skilled foreigners just work as Foreign Expert and never thought to settle company.
On the other hand, Since March 2011, to settle WOFE capital registration is now only 30K RMB (although you woud require another 10k to get support during the process) and purchasing power is continuously increasing in Kunming (maybe not for English teachers for example!).

About business ideas.

Home Delivery : especially for non speaking Chinese foreigners and for heavy items or items which are annoying to buy and bring back home (furniture, etc) - Let's see how Lazy Bones is growing on that segment...

Fair trade items : Check DanYun operations in Kunming for 15 years. The main difficulty of this venture is to be sure the items are really ''fair trade'' made. Apart from Pu'er tea, I can tell you that many bracelets, garments, etc you can find on tourist places' stalls are far from being manufactured by minority people themselves, though they sell it.

IT services : There is potential in Yunnan especially because of the weakness of manufacturing industries. But are Yunnan IT training institution reliable and hiring local qualified people easy? I would say no.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Entrepreneur in Kunming?

Weekapaughead, please inmail me to share your projects.

somenick, I understand your caution. You must be a brilliant inventor who would never mistakenly disclose any slightest detail of a venture project, especially in a vulgar open forum. For sure protecting one's intellectual property is a top priority...

Seriously, my point is being a foreign entrepreneur in Kunming is all but taboo.
Maybe I am against current trends but I do believe that exchanges in entrepreneurship lead to progress.
Although I respect every kind of business, Yunnan is not only a place to run food, guiding or education businesses, foreign energy could also explore and find success in other fields.


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For sure the zoo was left in very poor condition for a dozen of years (no investment in infrastructure or cage improvement). Everytime I visit it with tourists they were ashamed by half of animals caring (especially mammals).

Another question is why they don't merge this zoo with the new very big one at the end of LongQuanlu ?



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