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Forums > Living in Kunming > Dear Foreign Musicians

1. Western musicians = true sense of music? Chinese musicians = commercial gigs?

This is not only highly offensive but just outright retarded and needs no further comment.

2. What have you personally done...?
Marc I've been playing here in KMG for about three years with many different combos. I think I can honestly say I have never seen you support any other band around here. While I (personally) and a lot of the musicians in town constantly go see each other play and get together for different projects and different line-ups, Chinese and Western people alike, you roll in late for the Monday jam at the Mask and start playing with your band.
Ask yourself that question please.

3.Now you got your own thing started and think everyone MUST be there or be a traitor to the cause? Where were you last year for the Camel band jams? Why don't you show up 10:30 at The Mask Mondays and join whoever is on stage? I appreciate the idea of a Blues Workshop but we all know perfectly well that not too many musicians round here wanna play the Blues, so why don't you open that up a bit to really see something interesting happen, to contribute to the growth of KMG music?

4. KMG music sucks so bad? I haven't heard anyone say that really, is that your opinion? We have the Rednecks, the Funk Assembly, Hell Yeah, The Apes, The Gate, Lao Han, SiGangLi and many more. Good music to me. Have you seen these bands recently? I consider myself very lucky to be able to have a good time watching a good show almost every weekend.

5. I'm also in the lucky position that I don't need to rely on Monkey Shows and can be very picky and very expensive whenever I choose to play one. Not everyone can. I wholeheartedly agree on a certain gentleman's agreement concerning the money, but as has been said, there's always gonna be someone who can/will play for less.

The key is quality, you do a great job, people will call you again and instead of playing 3 crap shows you play one that pays off properly (and yes, there IS some understanding of quality performing around here).

6. "All it takes is one visit to the security bureau and the party is over."
What are you, new?

Sorry to be honest Marc, I was actively looking forward to join that Blues thing, but before you accuse "every foreign so-called musician that sets foot in Kunming" you have to first take a look around and at yourself.
Show up to some other people's gigs and have a chat. There's good music in KMG.


Forums > Living in Kunming > Poetry anyone?

Well I guess there won't be a free beer, but there won't be any giggling either.
Come along Ocean - you can just listen if you want to. And if you like Voltaire's poetry you can buy him a beer.


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A lot better than before, the mixing desk is downstairs now, so you can actually get the sound right. Great stage, comfy sofas, bar could still be improved though.