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Forums > Living in Kunming > Any marathons in Yunnan in November/December?

At the start of this year I couldn't even run a single km without stopping and today I just ran a sub 2 hour half marathon. It would be nice to finish the year with an official full marathon to mark the achievement!

I've searched around and can't really find anything happening. I'm sure covid is also preventing events from being run as well. Might just need to do a virtual one on strava or something.

Forums > Study > Blockchain help

I'm a computer systems engineer and can probably help, send me the link.

Forums > Living in Kunming > China Unicom english call center number?

Luckily I'm using a Xiaomi phone so all good there. I've since confirmed that my particular problem is also a problem for locals and they solve it by just getting a new number like I have. Why they appear happy with this solution is beyond me.

Anyway when I went to China mobile I went to a store that can't process passports but the clerk personally drove me to the correct store so the customer service was like night and day!


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