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Forums > Living in Kunming > Restore my computer with a backup on my ext. HD

Your external drive (WD) should have your Time Machine backups. I would strongly discourage you to use iPhoto or Aperture to manage your photos. They store your photos in special ways and make it hard to recover them when anything goes wrong.

Instead I would recommend to either use Photoshop or Lightroom, both Adobe software. The second being specialised in handling photographs and managing your image files.

I'm not sure how you deleted your photos (in finder or iPhoto), but you wouldn't be the first one to loose their pictures thanks to iPhoto hick-ups.

There's a pretty good Apple Center in the Golden Eagle next to H&M if you need professional (and usually free) help.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Restore my computer with a backup on my ext. HD

It sounds like you only want to restore one particular folder. In this case you should click on the Time Machine icon in the top menu (it's a clock with an arrow forming the circle shaped edge) and click "Enter Time Machine". This will show you Finder and a timeline to your right. Navigate to the folder that contains your photos and go 'back in time' to find the most recent backup that contains your deleted photos. Once found, right-click/control-click on the folder and use the restore function to copy it back.

Alternatively, you could do an entire system restore. This is only recommended if a lot is missing and restoring the folder doesn't fix your problem. A full system restore may take as many as 8 hours on older systems with a lot of data.

Let me know if the first method fixes it for you. I'm sure you can find images to guide you as well if you Google "restoring a folder with Time Machine".

Forums > Living in Kunming > New Website update feedback thread

@Tonyaod: The problem you mentioned is solved. We removed the error message from your post. I would kindly like to ask you to, in the future, send such errors to us through the contact form.

The "Save" button has changed its caption, as suggested.

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@Geezer, tigertiger: The font is now slightly darker. I hope it helps. :)

Feel free to let us know if there's any other problems or if you have any feature requests.

We hope you all enjoy using the new GoKunming!

Voltaire: All images have been processed with Lightroom only, although the top image also has seen a mild treatment with PS's built-in HDR processer.

With good light and the help of techniques to 'increase' the dynamic range you can quite easily get very dramatic images of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.

LaoQingwa: I took the photos over three separate trips. Most of the pictures were shot in October while a few pictures that show a calmer Jinsha river were shot in March instead.

Perhaps worth adding to the site, if you think their cause is worthwhile. I'd be curious to know how different the languages are and how far removed they are physically.



Five stars for focussing on healthy foods. Homemade live sauerkraut, lots of dishes with quinoa, chia seeds, avocado, and tons of other superfoods mixed to create a tasty and healthy cuisine. I hope this is only the beginning of a new wave of alternative food options in the city.


One of the better options in Lijiang for a western meal. Had a set menu through meituan for only 99 yuan that included a very decent steak and onion soup. The environment is spacious and nicely designed with the restaurant being conveniently located in between the InterContinental and LUX hotel inside of the old town. We were not drinking, but they looked like having an impressive wine collection. 5 stars if they improve on speed and service level.


Sofitel is easily one of Kunming's top hotels now, featuring one of the best locations, in between the city center and the popular Dianchi Lake area.

The views from any of its rooms, as well as the buffet restaurant are quite stunning, offering previously unseen panoramas over the whole of Kunming.

There's a bar on the 50th floor, although currently it still has some work to do to be able to compare itself with similar 'skybars' in Shanghai or Beijing.


Pullman appears to be an exception to what the hotel chain is known for. What is generally a branded as a business hotel, in Lijiang has transformed into a true international resort.

The villas are spacious, beautifully designed and as Chris mentioned in the review 6 years ago, the espresso maker is a brilliant example of the Management's attention to detail.

Make sure to book a villa that features an outside hot tub to watch the stars at night in any season – hot or cold.

A 10 minute walk will bring you to the gates of Shuhe Old Town, while Pullman is also located right in between Dayan Old Town and the now more popular Baisha. The hotel itself also supplies stunning views of Yulong Snow Mountain, which never fails to excite my senses.

Summarized, the entire experience is rather amazing. If there would be any criticism, I would recommend reconsidering prices for both spa treatments and drinks in the bar. Compared to the relatively affordable rooms and villas, they're a bit outside most people's reasonable spending budget. Otherwise, highly recommended!


Still in their soft opening period, it already feels like the most high-end business hotel in the north of Kunming with a great touch of design.

Nearby Xuning Temple, 978, Botanical Gardens and Black Dragon Pool its location is actually quite interesting, especially for people who don't visit the north of town very often.

There's still points needing improvement, which is to be expected at this point, but altogether a great hotel. Make sure to stay at the higher floor numbers, as the Southeast-Asian room style will generally more suit the taste of Westerners.