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As I am sure you know, Kunming is NOT a big fruit producer.

Yes, many things can grow here but in the hotter climates with a lot of sun and rain all one needs to do is just drop a seed into the ground and God does all the work for you.

For me, food is by far the main reason I am leaving Yunnan - the food sucks here - everything is topped with red chilly which I can NOT bear. The Cantonese food in Guangxi is GREAT! I don't have to eat nasty noodles 3 times a day any more.

Prices are just about the same as Kunming and I sure do NOT mind the hot weather.

Another reason I prefer Nanning is the effect the pollution from construction as well as the dry weather have on me here in Kunming. The day I leave Kunming, I immediately STOP producing so much phlegm and mucus. My nose is NOT dry and I don't have dry blood in my nose every morning in Nanning - I can breathe!

Good Luck to all!

Forums > Living in Kunming > Places (Province) to live in China.

I am making the BIG move to Nanning, Guangxi next month. I have been back several times to do some apt hunting. The place has really changed since I was there 14 years ago. Here are a few of the things I really like about Nanning from my visits the last few months.

1 - Cars and buses stop for pedestrians on crosswalks.

2 - People, bikes, and cars respect traffic lights and wait patiently for their turn.

3 - Bus drivers are not in a mad rush and they wait for older people to sit down before moving.

4 - People on buses give their seats to older people and women.

5 - Buses have a TV but the volume is completely turned OFF so a bus ride is much more relaxing.

6 - Cars and buses do NOT blow their horn all the time.

7 - Bikes stations are conveniently located at all subway stations and in many other locations - NOT a catastrophe like Kunming.

8 - Men do NOT smoke so much as they do in the tobacco capital of China (Yunnan). Very rare to see a smoker on the street.

9 - Many old parts of the city are still intact and have NOT been demolished like here in Kunming.

10 - There are benches everywhere in the city so people can just sit and rest. All bus stops have benches.

11 - A lot more E-bikes then in Kunming but much less cars and traffic.

12 - The people are friendly and answer questions politely.

13 - The best thing I like is that all bus stops have the name of the street corners. This is so convenient for tourists because one knows exactly where one is all the time.

14 - Nanning is much more civilized than Kunming in so many ways.


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If ofo can throw away thousands of bikes and leave them destroyed on many city streets across China, then it must be getting (Stealing) money from somewhere.

It is impossible to run an UNsustainable business model such as this across so many cities.

Even the manufacturer of the ofo bikes should be happy to get those bikes back and repair them and then sell them back to ofo.

These bikes are littering the city streets and the city should FINE ofo for littering.



The new Visa office is located at 118 Tuo Dong Road. There is no number on the building yet so do not bother to look for it. There are 2 passport photo shops on either side of the building. The office is located directly in front of the Kunming Museum. The bus stop is named - Shi Bo Wu Guan - Bus 1, 62, 109, 117, 145, 213, A1 and K3 stop directly in front of the office. Foreigners need to go to the 3rd floor. The Tuo Dong Stadium is located to the right of the office while Baita Road is located to the left of the office.