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- Residence Permit - RP - Foreigner married to a Chinese citizen.

- References:

1 - The Exit and Entry Administration Law of the People's Republic of China - Effective July 1, 2013 - English version -

2 - Visa Categories -

- Required Documents: April 2017 - The entire process took exactly 40 minutes including photos.

1 - Invitation Letter from spouse - (Get form from PSB Officer).
2 - Visa Application - (Get form from PSB Officer).
3 - Photo on 1st floor (30 Yuan).
4 - Passport + copy.
5 - Previous RP + copy.
6 - Latest entry and exit stamp into China + Copy.
7 - Marriage Book + copy.
8 - Local police Registration Form + copy.
9 - Wife's ID card + copy.
10 - Wife's Hukou + copy.
11 - Kunming Temporary ID Card + Copy - If your spouse does NOT have a Kunming Hukou, then she must get a 1 year Temporary Kunming ID card at the local police station. This process take 20-30 days so do NOT delay. Your wife must prove she is a resident so she will need rental contract or letter from employer or student ID card.

- Fees: You can no longer pay with cash so you must pay with some form of plastic.

1 year RP = 400 RMB - No physical required.
2 year RP = 800 + 472 (Physical) = 1272 RMB. For the older folks - I recommend you do the 1 year RP just in case you have some medical issues that may hinder you from remaining in China.

- When: Apply 20-30 days before your current RP expires - Do not delay!

- Travel: The receipt you are issued can be used for travel purposes along with a copy of your passport and previous RP. You will be without a passport while the PSB is waiting to issue you a new RP.[...] - Police Clearance - Criminal Background Check

- NOTE: For those who have been living in China for some time and have been re-issued new passports, I highly recommend you take the time to get the Police Clearance (Criminal Background Check) completed before departing Kunming. This form will be required if you move to another province or if you are returning to your home country.


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The video is very informative but does NOT specifically tell you where these locations are located. The entrance ticket to SHI LIN (Stone Forest) is 175 Yuan. I prefer to buy an annual ticket for 200 Yuan and I can use it at any time during the year. Bring your passport and you can purchase an annual ticket which includes entrance to the MAJOR stone Forest, MINOR stone Forest, BU SHAO SHAN, LI ZI YUAN QING, WAN NIAN LING ZHI, and NAIGU stone Forest (Black Stone Forest).

Most of the footage on the video is of the Black Stone Forest. Few people know about it so each time I go, there are very few visitors, less than 5 people. This location has been completely renovated but it lacks many basics. However, There is NOWHERE to purchase any food or water anywhere in the entire park.

Another location seen in the Video is DA DIE SHUI Waterfall. This USED TO BE included in the price of the entrance ticket more than 1 year ago but it no longer is considered part of the Stone Forest. Presently, the waterfall scenic area is under renovation. The Waterfall is located more then 30 km away from the main park. 2 years ago, you can purchase tickets for the waterfall ONLY for 18 Yuan but I have no idea what the price will be after the renovation is complete.

If you truly want to learn more about the hidden wonders of YUNNAN, please visit my website and see for yourself.


Good luck

I ASSUME that the writers and staff of GOKUNMING write these articles in an effort to inform the reader of an event or location of some significance in and around Kunming.

I find many of these articles lacking in vital information. In an attempt to be CREATIVE, the writers fail in being INFORMATIVE.

For example, the writers mentions Jiexiao Xiang many, many times but fails to tell the reader where this place is. Is it somewhere in Yunnan? Is it in Kunming? There are 5 districts in Kunming - is it in Pan long District? Or is it in one of the other 4 districts? Is there a major crossroad where this small alley can be found. Perhaps near Beijing Road or Guangfu Road.

I enjoy travelling and seeing new places and I research many of the places I visit. But I really would like to read an article here and NOT be left with MORE questions than when I started.

I ask the staff of GOKunming to please be more specific when writing about places to visit and give SPECIFIC directions such as name of town or village and county and prefecture when writing. Thank you.



The new Visa office is located at 118 Tuo Dong Road. There is no number on the building yet so do not bother to look for it. There are 2 passport photo shops on either side of the building. The office is located directly in front of the Kunming Museum. The bus stop is named - Shi Bo Wu Guan - Bus 1, 62, 109, 117, 145, 213, A1 and K3 stop directly in front of the office. Foreigners need to go to the 3rd floor. The Tuo Dong Stadium is located to the right of the office while Baita Road is located to the left of the office.