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Forums > Living in Kunming > Need help with kunming Passport related matter

I am confused about your post.

You were here 3 years ago.

How can anyone be a resident of any foreign country without a (Valid) passport from their home country?

Underage children must have a passport that is valid for 5 years. That passport must be renewed every 5 years until they are 18 at which time they will receive a 10 year passport.

The only time any person gives up their passport is when they become a citizen of a new country.

A lot of holes in your story - read your own previous posts before making new posts so you can get your story right.

Forums > Living in Kunming > 10 year visa updates?

Hi Goldie,

Do not know if you are still around but just wanted to ask - How is the 60 days renewal working out. I know it is difficult for you because you are with your family.

Question - Is Hong Kong still the best location for you to exit/enter or have you found a more convenient place for your family?



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The new highway is nearly complete and the airport will open next year. Expect floods of people to go who never bothered to go before because of the 6-7 hour bus ride.

Can someone who is computer savvy download this movie and make it available to others please? I will gladly accept the Spanish version.

Another one bites the dust! Great, another member of the WTO, UN and USA. It is time for Laos to begin to follow all the rules set forth by the USA and UN. Got to protect the Individual Property Rights of the rich. Time to crack down on the illegal DVD vendors. No more downloading FREE music or videos. Time to roll in all the wonderful GMO crops.

If I was the owner of this website, I would also be cautious of political statements and comments made on this forum. I believe we are given much leeway on many occassions to make semi-political comments and I am grateful for being allowed to express myself freely. However, (We) the users must also recognize that this website is Not our own and we must remain respectful to the hosts who grant us the priviledge of using this forum.

The moderators and owners of this site have the right to protect their property when it comes to sensitive issues in a foreign country.



The new Visa office is located at 118 Tuo Dong Road. There is no number on the building yet so do not bother to look for it. There are 2 passport photo shops on either side of the building. The office is located directly in front of the Kunming Museum. The bus stop is named - Shi Bo Wu Guan - Bus 1, 62, 109, 117, 145, 213, A1 and K3 stop directly in front of the office. Foreigners need to go to the 3rd floor. The Tuo Dong Stadium is located to the right of the office while Baita Road is located to the left of the office.