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Forums > Living in Kunming > Residence Permit (RP) 2017

- Residence Permit - RP - Foreigner married to a Chinese citizen.

- References:

1 - The Exit and Entry Administration Law of the People's Republic of China - Effective July 1, 2013 - English version - www.kmcrj.com/flfagui/flfginf.aspx?id=42

2 - Visa Categories - www.china-embassy.org/eng/visas/t1071018.htm

- Required Documents: April 2017 - The entire process took exactly 40 minutes including photos.

1 - Invitation Letter from spouse - (Get form from PSB Officer).
2 - Visa Application - (Get form from PSB Officer).
3 - Photo on 1st floor (30 Yuan).
4 - Passport + copy.
5 - Previous RP + copy.
6 - Latest entry and exit stamp into China + Copy.
7 - Marriage Book + copy.
8 - Local police Registration Form + copy.
9 - Wife's ID card + copy.
10 - Wife's Hukou + copy.
11 - Kunming Temporary ID Card + Copy - If your spouse does NOT have a Kunming Hukou, then she must get a 1 year Temporary Kunming ID card at the local police station. This process take 20-30 days so do NOT delay. Your wife must prove she is a resident so she will need rental contract or letter from employer or student ID card.

- Fees: You can no longer pay with cash so you must pay with some form of plastic.

1 year RP = 400 RMB - No physical required.
2 year RP = 800 + 472 (Physical) = 1272 RMB. For the older folks - I recommend you do the 1 year RP just in case you have some medical issues that may hinder you from remaining in China.

- When: Apply 20-30 days before your current RP expires - Do not delay!

- Travel: The receipt you are issued can be used for travel purposes along with a copy of your passport and previous RP. You will be without a passport while the PSB is waiting to issue you a new RP.

www.gokunming.com/[...] - Police Clearance - Criminal Background Check

- NOTE: For those who have been living in China for some time and have been re-issued new passports, I highly recommend you take the time to get the Police Clearance (Criminal Background Check) completed before departing Kunming. This form will be required if you move to another province or if you are returning to your home country.


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deposit of 99 yuan.. deposit is automatically returned upon each completed payment.

All the 99 yuan deposits can NOT make up for what I saw today during my 40 minute bus ride.

3 bikes which had the seat completely removed and 1 bike that had the from wheel removed.

Cost of repairs and cost of sending workers to do the repairs - Haha!

What did I see today?

Saw 2 OFO workers wearing yellow vests with letters OFO on the back repairing over a dozen bikes in a street corner near my house.

Saw 2 OFO bikes chained near the rear entrance of Wicker basket. Apparantly they are now OWNED by 2 workers there.

I predict that OFO will be out of business in 3 months. Once a person gets the combination to a bike, it becomes private property and the company can no longer get any revenue from that bike.

Kids are smart and have time and they knnow that people seldom turn the dial of the combination or they just turn the 2 center dials. Within a few minutes of fiddling with a lock anyone can usually get the combination at which time the bike becomes private property. This is why most of the bikes I see kids riding are the yellow OFO bikes.

With no GPS there is no way to track these bikes - Hehe!

I wonder how many people who have commented here have actually used this program here in Kunming.

Bikes used in other provinces or in other countries is NOT the same as here in Kunming.

Since the bikes are scattered everywhere and people are hiding the bikes so they can have sole use of it - how can any person find a bike to use. Unless one is willing to walk long distances and has already paid to be able to use all 3 types of bikes - this program is absolutely useless.

I caught a slumdog hiding a bike in my garden 2 days ago. I see plenty of bikes all over the city so there are plenty to choose from but hundreds of the bikes are intentioanlly hidden after use so they can be used at the doorstep the following day.

In my Resd Qtr I saw 3 bikes totally destroyed - 1 had a flat, other had rear wheel missing and other had handle bars bent. How does anyone bend handle bars unless it is done intentionally. This is just 2 months after the program has begun.

The bikes need to be put in a bike rack where they are easily accessible to all as is in many other civilized cities here in China like Gansu and Guangxi. I am sure there are others.



The new Visa office is located at 118 Tuo Dong Road. There is no number on the building yet so do not bother to look for it. There are 2 passport photo shops on either side of the building. The office is located directly in front of the Kunming Museum. The bus stop is named - Shi Bo Wu Guan - Bus 1, 62, 109, 117, 145, 213, A1 and K3 stop directly in front of the office. Foreigners need to go to the 3rd floor. The Tuo Dong Stadium is located to the right of the office while Baita Road is located to the left of the office.