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Forums > Living in Kunming > Residence Permit - 2015 only

As my visa is coming to an end soon, my company asked for informations about the chinese greencard, since i'm in Kunming for about 7 years now.
They told it's possible if i'm married to a chinese citizen... check.

After we did some research, we found out the following:

10 year visa aka "chinese greencard" you can get (maybe, if you're lucky) in the place were your wife's hukou (户口) is.
Main requirements... money, money and more money or you are the special expert helping them building one of the new Nuklear-Plants or you have lot's of money that you want to spend here.

At least over 12万人民币 on the chinese bank... owning a house on your name. That's were i put the paper down and just will stay with 1 or 2 years residence permit.

I know a guy who tried for years... they'd send him from A to B, than back to A, later to B from there to C... only that D is telling him he need some more papers. Until now no "hassle-card", just did spend a lot of money in the process. Not worth it, at least in Kunming... no one that i know of here with the card.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Bike Stealing in Kunming

Hopefully you do not, but if you encounter a theft, don't bother calling 110... call this number instead: 67271001
It's also the police, but they actually respond and come in about 10-20 minutes. Just a helpful advise the security guy gave me.
Mine was the first bike get stolen since the opening here in 2008, but i asked the (real helpful) police guys and the told me it's getting out of hand in KM. Years ago it was bicycles, now it's e-bikes. And they would need to at least half more manpower for getting hold of it.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Bike Stealing in Kunming

Yeah, i saw that they can give you GPS for new bikes now... but how long does it take the thiefs to knock this system out?
I wondered what would've happened if i decided to finish work just 5 min earlier, or skip the toilet and look out the window. But maybe i was lucky not running into the two fu.kwits...

Forums > Living in Kunming > Bike Stealing in Kunming

Sometimes it's funny... or maybe sad. Was reading trough the thread here the last days and felt lucky because since 2007 (lost my 1week young first e-scooter at Walmart) i never encountered another theft. Until yesterday i finished work... I work at Kunming Export Processing Zone (Customs High Security Zone). Well, security doesn't mean anything here except on paper.

My colleague finished work 10 min before i left and the bike was still right in front of our building. I got out... it was gone.
Today we checked the the security cam's and they two guys came on one e-scooter, 3 minutes later left on two. Called 110 today and filed a report, maybe i have luck and i get my money back from the responsible security company.

So my advice for any place in KM, park your bike were you can see and reach it and forget about locks, they're toys for this guys.
Bought new sunglasses two days ago, also gone. Made a lot of improvements on the bike... gone. But that's life in China and i did wake up again.


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Chinese New Year we will visit my parents-in-law on the countryside like every year. Let's check what did improve there over a comparision to Kunming or even smaller towns. Maybe they got some new meters of asphalt or some bricks to repair their houses. They're still years behind and no big changes in sight. Still the people there don't complain!


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