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Forums > Living in Kunming > Tetanus shot in Yunnan

The OP is right, i also wanted to refresh tetanus shots and where told by several doctors that it is not recommended in China. They will give you a shot, if you happen to get injured but not in advance. I wonder what if there is no doctor near and one does have an accident.

Will try to get the shot's done in the next two weeks, let's see if it's possible.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Broadband speed contest.


Looks not bad, how much is the basic price you're paying?
I always have the feeling that my line is shared between all the neighbours in our house. Makes a 1M line out of an actual 6M line.

Also domestic and international speeds are two different shoes.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Driving License In Kunming ?!?!

My side-mirror left some light scratches on a "chinese-style" parked car last weekend in ChengJiang (FuXian Lake), simply too much cars in all directions (also parked) on a tiny road.

I got away with 100 RMB... after asking the guy how much he wants and him responding i have to tell him.
His girlfriend started shouting it's a new car and blablabla, probably wanted to make big money. I just ignored her and focused on the driver, while with one hand and a towel showing them that the "scratches" can magically get away.
Funny thing in this situation, the guy simply proposed to me ramming my car and we would be square. I thought not understanding well, but later my wife told me i heard quite right. Crazy weekend... and TigerTiger is right, have some money in your pocket and never try to argue with a loud voice (good thing i had my wife and kids with me, holding me down). They will bring "relatives" to the scene and make you a big scene... probably you ending up as the bad foreigner and on News-Channel. Be prepared for a big crowd arising out of nowhere if you not settle in time. ;)


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First i'm glad that not only Germany has problems with (still not build) airports.

Second, i remember my visit to the new airports toilet in august last year, where i felt like an earthquake appeared... but the reason was actually the missing (not installed) screws on the toilet. It's a shame... and KM is still a village!


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