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Forums > Living in Kunming > 48V E-Bike - everything above considered illegal!

@Tmac17: Riding motorcycle isn't illegal, if you have chinese drivers license, proper papers/plates, insurance, helmet and follow the rules where you can't go in Kunming. But you are right, it's almost everywhere within the third ring road now. :(

@AlexKMG: Years ago i heard, that scooters above 64V are considered illegal. But it's like everytime here, first rumors... than it hits the news, than they enforce it for some time and in the forgotten chamber it goes.
The "normal" scooters (64-80V) they are selling (except the tuned ones) you can buy in every shop in the city and no one will tell you, that they are illegal.
I'm pretty sure it's all about the safety question, because the big ones are pretty fast. But i'm 1,94m in height and not going to fit on a 48V little-princess scootie. Furthermore that batteries will barely bring my 90kg to work.

Forums > Living in Kunming > 48V E-Bike - everything above considered illegal!

Hi folks,

just got pulled over with like almost everyone on e-bike by the man in blue.

Thought... "alright, they want have a look at the Invoice or whatever" and didn't have the feeling i made something wrong.

But than i was politely asked to pay a fine of 20 RMB.

The thing is, all e-scooters above 48V aren't allowed. I think i heard of that years ago, but it wasn't inforced since the 9 years i stay here.

I asked them what the people should do... answer: "Buy a regular one with 48V and sell the other one".

The second hand market will be filled up in no-time, the merchants can close their shops, the producers switch to e-cars, batteries and toys.

My question (2-3 times) why it is allowed to sell and buy them, but not to ride them... remains without answer.

Maybe i should've played the ting-bu-dong-game, but i was curious what's all the fuss about.

So, hopefully it was just today because someone need money. If it will become a weekly or even daily thing, i will consider to buy a motorcycle again.

Take care and watch out for the blue man group (with some yellow vest fellas in it).

Forums > Living in Kunming > Where to buy second hand motor bike?

Check out or, they also have mobile-apps. There you can find all kind of 2nd hand stuff for every chinese city. Bought my last e-scooter there, good price and just 2 months old. If you buy 2nd hand, insist on original invoice and also make a picture from the sellers ID-card, or else you could end up with a stolen bike and problems following. Good hunting!


We have family visiting us in Kunming and today for today we planned to make the bus-tour... surprise, surprise no bus there. After calling them, they told us now Tour today because the bus is broken. So, that means they just operate with one bus? I guess it was just a poor excuse for bad business (no visitors...).

We just went with the Metro... fast, reliable and cheap.

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Maximum respect for keeping it real and not selling out yourself! The shadowside is, that it's hard to make money this way...
Keep it up mate, we hear you!!!


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