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Forums > Travel Yunnan > Using a drone for video


Nice footage! The P4 is a beast with lots of nice features.

High altitude flight is very nice, but after i always need to change clothes, haha.

I myself own the P3S and it's amazing gear.
Unfortunatly recently not much time to play. Found a nice place near Anning by accident. Brand new roads, no car and met some aero-enthusiasts there.

Btw. shouldn't it say Chenggong?

Fly safe!

Forums > Living in Kunming > 48V E-Bike - everything above considered illegal!

@Alexez: The last three lines were just my imagination, the rest was true. ;)

Big Brother aka Gov
Big Ones aka Bikes over 48V

@Xiefei: You could be right (i hope so!), but you also could be wrong. China is improving quickly, there's a fifty-fifty chance. But Kunming is still on another page. :)

Forums > Living in Kunming > 48V E-Bike - everything above considered illegal!

@Xiefei & HFCampo: Thanks for the links! One very interesting point i found in the one for Kunming:


"...and inform the consumer that the e-bike they're going to sell is included in the catalog of Kunming City electric bicycle products."


"At the same time required to prohibit the sale of electric bicycles whom do not meet the national standard."

Soooo, how is that enforced recently?

Colleague bought a new bike just yesterday, because his was stolen the night before. I told him my story, he nodded accompanied by a "没事" and went off to buy the new 80V scooter.

Of course the merchant told him, that he just can sell the 48V mini-princess-version, which also is very cheap.
The big ones have to be scrapped within a month, without compensation from big brother.

That's why i totally agree with HFCAMPO in the last point he made!

Forums > Living in Kunming > 48V E-Bike - everything above considered illegal!

@lemon lover: I agree with you about the safety question, there should be some traffic-education before you can ride. But traffic-education is nearly non-existence here, should be start in school! That a 72V scooter is faster than a 48V is completely bollocks. For example, a 48V one with a 500-700W machinery and let's say 45-50Ah instead of the standard 20Ah will go much faster and might even go further than a 72V 20Ah with 350W machinery. If you so worried about lethal e-shocks, i think China might not be the right place for you. ;)


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First i'm glad that not only Germany has problems with (still not build) airports.

Second, i remember my visit to the new airports toilet in august last year, where i felt like an earthquake appeared... but the reason was actually the missing (not installed) screws on the toilet. It's a shame... and KM is still a village!


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