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Forums > Living in Kunming > Keep Calm and Carry on

@Mousematt: Sorry to hear that! Baohai is right around the corner and also our go-to-park if we don't wanna go for a long drive. I always visit trough the gate on 2nd ring road, it's opposite the maingate. I'm working this weekend, but could give it a try next saturday. Will let you know if i can get in or if i have to jump the fence. ;) Lonely times are coming our way i guess...

School is postponed too... the teacher called yesterday in the evening. They aren't sure about anything right now... there is fear the kids could get infected and spreading it further.

Forums > Living in Kunming > VPN:s still working?


Depends on the provider you get in China. And sometimes its just a hit and miss.
I tried all of the big players including ExpressVPN, Astrill, PureVPN and they all worked fine to some point. Today is such a special day, PureVPN isn't connection, no matter which server i choose. After i had massive problems with PureVPN a year ago i found Kaspersky Secure Connection which is decent priced, not too famous getting attention from the GFW and did work without a minute of downtime. Make sure you choose a VPN and open the account before you enter China, or else you will need a VPN to do so. Good luck and have a good time in China.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Anyone here gotten a Chinese Green Card?

It's almost funny, no chinese skills required for a green card. In Germany for example it's unthinkable. First thing you have to do are language courses and tests. I'm staying in China for almost 12 years now, working legally, married for 12 years, having kids, 8 years i did not leave China and i can speak chinese. Year after year if have to do the visa- and work-permit application and at the same time checked if i would qualify for the green card. And everytime it's clear that the most important thing is money. You can tell them that you love China so much, haha... doesn't matter. First thing that matters is, that you bring money to China, second i guess is that you're some type of expert like atom-physicist, or else you have to struggle getting the green one. I also heard there is a new type of 5-year-residence permit now which they introduced in the Trade-City of Yiwu, but not sure if it's just a publicity stunt.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Anyone here gotten a Chinese Green Card?

...and on the other hand, with 100k in your bank account as a foreigner, you will automatically meet the requirements for an investigation for tax fraud by the bank. Good luck everyone, i personally don't see the advantages of a chinese green card... except for not having to apply for a visa every year. Checked it out over the years while applying for visa, back in the days you also had to own a house.


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We have family visiting us in Kunming and today for today we planned to make the bus-tour... surprise, surprise no bus there. After calling them, they told us now Tour today because the bus is broken. So, that means they just operate with one bus? I guess it was just a poor excuse for bad business (no visitors...).

We just went with the Metro... fast, reliable and cheap.

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Maximum respect for keeping it real and not selling out yourself! The shadowside is, that it's hard to make money this way...
Keep it up mate, we hear you!!!


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