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Forums > Living in Kunming > Beginning to really like Kunming

Haha, crazy.laowai... one reason why i dont write often in this forums.

@123go: German friends in Shanghai, easy life for foreigners there (it's practically foreign territory). German car industry, very fabulous? Maybe years ago, as some of my friends still had their job's at AUDI, VW... blablabla. But you have german friends, who am i... dare question your "facts".

Forums > Living in Kunming > Beginning to really like Kunming

Why foreigners want visit KM, huh? Please tell me! I also would like to know your german friends. I like KM, no question... home is where i feel good. But there are some things, i dont like though. But isn't that the case everywhere in the world?

Forums > Living in Kunming > Beginning to really like Kunming

Hahaha 123go... i guess because BJ is the most livable city, so we have lot of Bejingers call us asking how they can get to Germany and live there, right? Sandstorms for example are very entertaining, so the everyday life never get's boring, right?

Foreigner's like to visit the Great Wall, that's true.... but BJ? Why i hear from so much Tourists visiting KM, that from all the places (cities) they have seen... its the best? You really must have tomatoes on your eyes. tztz...


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We have family visiting us in Kunming and today for today we planned to make the bus-tour... surprise, surprise no bus there. After calling them, they told us now Tour today because the bus is broken. So, that means they just operate with one bus? I guess it was just a poor excuse for bad business (no visitors...).

We just went with the Metro... fast, reliable and cheap.

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Maximum respect for keeping it real and not selling out yourself! The shadowside is, that it's hard to make money this way...
Keep it up mate, we hear you!!!


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