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Forums > Living in Kunming > Foreign DJ price

What kind of "dancing house" is it? Any rules which kind of music the DJ have to play? Why not a resident (chinese) DJ? 22:20 - 1:00?

400 - 600 RMB...

Forums > Living in Kunming > Gaming consoles

Playing online via XBOXLive is possible, if you have an mod-chip that you can disable. All the newer chips have this option!

Forums > Living in Kunming > where to find a dermatologist to check liver marks?


i wonder where i can find a dermatologist to check my liver marks.
I was in 2 places before, one of them a specialized dematology hospital.
They all speak the same about foreigners have other skin and that i have to wear long clothes, its a gen-thing... and so on.

But none of them even looked over my liver marks!!! (OK maybe with one Eye, from the side) :)
In germany we have to check every year and i know well how the doctor will check the marks.

I hope anyone know an good dermatologist, all the chinese friends i ask dont know any and also dont believe that liver marks can turn into cancer.

Thanks a lot

bye cromson


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First i'm glad that not only Germany has problems with (still not build) airports.

Second, i remember my visit to the new airports toilet in august last year, where i felt like an earthquake appeared... but the reason was actually the missing (not installed) screws on the toilet. It's a shame... and KM is still a village!


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